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Cervical spondylosis is an occupational disease that plagues us. The “occupational disease” caused by long-term desk work not only troubles us. Office workers all over the world are more or less affected by neck pain, back pain, and other “strains”. American National Biotechnology The Information Center includes articles discussing “daily use of computers cause neck pain syndrome”, and similar studies are conducted in the UK and other regions. Office workers need to face the computer for eight hours a day but don’t forget that everyone’s laptop is still on the table. No matter how straight your back is, you still need to bow your head for eight hours a day, so our necks are very tired. Bowing your head for a long time can easily cause cervical spine-related problems. Cervical spondylosis has become more and more common among office workers. Since everyone knows that desk work is harmful to health, why don’t we change our normal work habits?

A very simple method can effectively prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis and also protect our eyesight. Just use a laptop stand. A good laptop stand can raise the screen so that the screen is parallel to the line of sight so that you will not lower your head and reduce the pressure on the cervical spine. After practice, I think it is very good. Using the bracket can make me look straight ahead instead of lowering my head, and my back is also straight.

Another advantage of putting the laptop on the laptop stand is to let the laptop dissipate heat in time and prolong the service life of the laptop.

Save space. Usually, the laptop is placed directly on the table, occupying a part of the desktop space. In the case of using a laptop and books, it is difficult to take into account the placement of the two things. The laptop stand can make the laptop take up less space, desktop utilization is higher.

We recommend this 6-level Adjustable Laptop Stand to you.

6-level adjustable height helps to choose a perfect and comfortable angle for your eyes and cervical spine, then you can get rid of the soreness of cervical discomfort.

Ergonomic design, elevate your laptop to the perfect height, prevent hunchback, relieve neck and shoulder pressure.

Foldable & portable, small size, easy to carry, suitable for home, travel, office.

Adopt anti-slip silicone to enhance friction, the laptop is not easy to slide, effectively reduces the damage caused by friction between laptop and bracket.

Aluminum alloy material, high strength, not easy to damage, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. Triangular structure, more stable.

The bottom is hollowed out to enhance air circulation and speed up heat dissipation.

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