Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Review

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With the improvement of living standards, the people’s need for a better life is becoming stronger and stronger, and the pursuit of health and beauty is also increasing day by day. Under this trend, smart product giants such as Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei have launched their own brand body fat claims, and also developed APPs and smart body fat scales. Test indicators have increased from a dozen to dozens, such as weight, Fat, muscle, bone mass, water, basal metabolic rate, body age, etc., can even be transferred to the respective server cloud disk through the APP, and automatically and scientifically analyze the changes in various indicators of the body.

The Mi Body Fat Scale 2 is made of high-strength ABS engineering plastics, with exquisite workmanship. There are four touch points on the front, and the display is hidden. The whole machine has no physical buttons. There is a battery compartment on the back, and 4 dry batteries are used as the power supply. The overall appearance is more beautiful.

Simple test, Xiaomi Body Fat Scale 2 adds a new weighing mode to meet the needs of small objects as low as 100g in life, such as fruits and vegetables, express parcels, etc. It should be noted that the Mi Body Fat Scale 2 needs a weight of 5kg to turn on, and the weighing mode can be used after turning on. It can be seen from the above test that there is still a certain error for light objects, but as the objects get heavier and heavier, the difference is smaller.

The Xiaomi body fat scale uses the BIA (Bio-impedance analysis, referred to as BIA) bioelectrical impedance method. The human body contains 60 to 70% of water, which means that the human body is a conductor. When an electric current is applied to the human body, the muscle is conductive, and the fat does not conduct electricity, which creates an impedance. The main principle of BIA is to simply divide the body into conductive body fluids, muscles, and non-conductive fatty tissues. When the user steps on the four metal electrodes on the body fat scale with bare feet, the internal BIA module will measure the user’s left foot When measuring the resistance to the right foot, the Xiaomi body fat scale sends a very small current through the body. If the fat ratio is high, the measured bio-resistance is larger, otherwise the bio-resistance is smaller, and then combined with the user’s height, weight, and age Calculate body fat, muscle, moisture and other human health parameters with data such as, gender, etc.

The measurement result is affected by the resistivity, and the resistivity will be affected by many factors. For example, did you drink a lot of water before the measurement, the degree of skin sweating, the posture during the measurement, etc. The body fat scale has the function of recording the weight and body fat of multiple people, but the data information measured each time can only be viewed by the Xiaomi exercise that is bound to the device.

The front surface of Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is warm white tempered glass. The central location is the “MI” logo, and the texture of the tempered glass is very high-end. The thickness control is also very good, and the texture of this tempered glass is also very good from the side. Each of the four corners of the front has an electrode contact piece, which is connected to the internal high-precision manganese steel sensor. There are also non-slip foot pads on the four corners of the back. The footpad is made of rubber and the workmanship is very good. In use, the scale on one foot is also very stable, the balance is no problem, and there is no risk of rollover during the measurement process.

The back of Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is a battery compartment, powered by four AAA batteries, and the body fat scale is the latest low-power Bluetooth 5.0. The official data can last up to one year. After installing the battery, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, you need to download the Mi Fit APP, click on the APP and choose to add a device-body fat scale. Then the phone will prompt you to stand on the body fat scale to bind the device, and you can use it after binding. The official introduction can measure 13 data such as weight, BMI, body fat rate, muscle mass, water content, protein rate, basal metabolism, visceral fat level, bone mass, body age, ideal weight, body shape, and health score.

Correct measurement method:

1. Fix the measurement at the same time of the day. It is best to get up in the morning and perform an empty stomach and naked weighing.

2. Step on the body fat scale with bare feet, ensure that the soles of the feet are dry, and completely cover the four electrode contacts of the body fat scale, maintain the correct standing posture for measurement, and the correct test method can bring a standard basic test value. In this way, this value will be used as a reference in the future to record the changes in other indicators of the body.

Since a weak current passes through the body when measuring body fat, pregnant women and those who have other transplanted medical equipment such as pacemakers and artificial dialysis machines in their bodies should use body fat scales with caution!

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