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Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus review: what are the advantages of facing the iPad

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In July of this year, Xiaomi Mi 4 was launched on the market. The starting price of 1099 yuan is undoubtedly full of temptation, and the fact that it will be sold out quickly every time it goes on sale is enough to show consumers’ recognition of the product.

With this momentum, Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus will be on the official website on August 24th. Unlike Xiaomi Pad 4, this new product does not have a WiFi version. Both 4GB + 64GB and 4GB + 128GB are LTE versions. It can also be seen that the positioning of the two is slightly different.

Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus review: what are the advantages of facing the iPad

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is mainly lightweight and compact, with a wide range of usage scenarios and versatility. Together with the Snapdragon 660 and a very low starting price, it fills the gap in the market for this category. The Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus is obviously different. The 10.1-inch screen is more impactful on the look and feel, but the size is also larger. So who should consumers choose? Or what are the advantages of Xiaomi Tablet 4 Plus? Let me make a detailed explanation for everyone.

One-handed hold is not tiring

When it comes to tablets, we often think of the Apple family headed by the iPad. But it makes sense, whether it is the new 9.7-inch iPad or the iPad Pro 10.5, its price and volume are almost not dominant. In contrast, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus, the 10.1-inch screen is located between the two, but its width is much narrower. It changes from “only two-handed holding” to “one-handed holding”. I do n’t need to say more about it, you can understand it by trying it.

On the positive side, compared to Xiaomi Pad 4, Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus adds a touch-sensitive button at the bottom of the screen, which not only integrates the fingerprint recognition function, but also activates Xiaoai students by long-pressing. This time, the role of the LTE version is reflected.

As we all know, Xiao Ai is the main force of the Xiaomi Group, and it is also a project that focuses on investing resources and energy. At present, some products, including the Mijia ecological chain, can be controlled by Xiao Ai. Of course, for mobile terminals, it can Do more. The Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus can quickly wake up Xiao Ai classmates through the touch-type Home button. It is undoubtedly encouraging users to use this feature more. The LTE additional online anytime, anywhere is more in line with the definition of artificial intelligence assistant, allowing you to check the information to see the map Never offline.

The 10.1-inch screen is definitely more visually impactful than the 8-inch screen of Xiaomi Mi 4, but although the same 16:10 ratio, the screen resolution of Xiaomi Mi 4 Plus is also 1920 * 1200, so PPI has The decline, but fortunately the screen quality itself is too hard, so there is no obvious graininess.

In fairness, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus is not suitable for long-term holding with one hand. The volume is one aspect, and the weight of 485g is obviously the main reason. But considering the product’s battery capacity surged to 8620mAh. .. I think the weight increase is understandable. What’s more, the back and surroundings of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus have been processed with a curved waist, and the feel is still guaranteed.

The Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus supports 4G LTE this time, and comes with a rice flour card, which guarantees that users can follow the movie and watch the movie as soon as they get it. Reflected in the fuselage, the antenna band of the aircraft is slightly different from the back, but because the color I got is black, the integrity is quite strong.

In addition, the 3.5mm headphone jack gives praise. In a sense, the machine has provided us with extremely mature conditions for viewing dramas in all aspects. With the good body workmanship and the design blessing, Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus is full of value for money.

Mature and durable

Like Xiaomi Pad 4, Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. Its overall performance has been certified on a large number of mid-range phones, which is absolutely sufficient for daily use or gaming.

The Antutu test score of 140,000 shows the strength of Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 in a more intuitive way. Although the numbers are just a reference, such a running score can still make many consumers feel at ease. After all, this means that we do n’t have to worry about stuttering in daily use, especially the large-screen tablet pc. Its use scenario is completely different from that of mobile phones. With the blessing of the 8620mAh ultra-large-capacity battery, it can be used without 4G and durable .

Of course, a larger screen means that our reading experience will be better. Thanks to the good workmanship and feel, you won’t feel dry eyes when reading for a long time with Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus. Not only can the font size be adjusted to our comfortable size, but also the larger screen is more comfortable in terms of web browsing and other aspects. However, it is recommended that you do not hold it in bed, or you may not be sure. .. my face still hurts.

The game aspect is more intuitive. Although the framing interface is wider in the chicken-eating game, it is difficult to click in the center of the screen because the screen is too large. For the same reason, it is sometimes inconvenient in moba games.

All in all, I still prefer to position Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus as an audio and video player. After all, LTE guarantees that it can always follow the drama online, and the large-screen movie viewing experience is also very good. In addition, whether it is reading, web pages or real-time news, the machine’s performance is very good.

More highlights

Although the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus has a Home button, for such a large screen, if you can only return to the desktop by clicking the Home button, it will be too tiring. At this point, MIUI’s full-screen gestures have played their biggest role.

Obviously, whether you are holding the left or right hand, the gesture of nudge returning on the side is very consistent with human intuition. This may be considered by some people on the mobile phone, but you will find that it fits so well on the tablet.

It is also worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus comes with a Xiaomi mobile “eat-to-eat” phone card in the box. Users only need to spend 1 yuan a day to enjoy unlimited traffic across the country. At the same time, it also waived the monthly rental fee for the first month, and gave away 5 yuan in phone bills. The first recharge of 30 yuan gave 20 yuan.

In actual experience, I must first connect the Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus to the Internet before I can download the Xiaomi Mobile App, and use this application to activate the SIM card. This is slightly worth mentioning. If Xiaomi Mobile App can be built into the product, the step of downloading can be omitted.

It should be noted that this randomly attached SIM card is a Unicom standard, and the 4G function is enabled by default. When the monthly data usage exceeds 20GB, the Internet speed will be limited to 1Mbps. After reaching a total of 100GB, the Internet speed will be limited to 256Kbps. , Resumed the following month.

Write at the end

Compared with the mobile phone market, the tablet industry always seems a bit deserted. One is that there are not many big manufacturers involved, and the other is of course that the iPad has a great reputation. But from my point of view, this situation is not good. A market lacking competition is by no means a good thing. A big family is even a step backward.

Why is there no WiFi version for Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus? In fact, this matter is not important. After all, the SIM card that comes with the card will not incur charges if you do not activate it, and you can always connect to the WiFi without taking it out. After all, from the price point of view, the Xiaomi Pad 4 4GB + 64GB with WiFi version 8-inch screen is 1399 yuan, and the Xiaomi Pad 4 Plus with the same storage is 1899 yuan. The difference of only 500 yuan adds a larger screen and LTE function. Consumers never lose money.

Again, if you are not satisfied with the small screen of your phone, you may wish to experience a more “broader” world with this new product.

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