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Honor FlyPods series evaluation: the industry’s first AI bone recognition headphones

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On October 31, 2018, Honor released the world’s first sliding screen full-screen mobile phone Honor Magic2 in Beijing. With this new product, the Honor smart watch HONOR Watch and Honor FlyPods series headphones were released. As the industry’s first AI smart TWS headset, let’s take a look at what’s so special:


The Honor FlyPods series has a total of three color schemes, glamour red, swan white, and robin blue. Compared with ordinary black and white headphones, this color scheme is indeed more advanced. The shape of the swan neck handle looks very design and is more comfortable to wear.

The FlyPods series of single headphones weighs only 4.1g and features a semi-in-ear design that is more suitable for longer wear than in-ear designs.

Functional configuration

In terms of performance, the Honor FlyPods series is available in both standard and high-profile versions of FlyPods Pro. So what is the difference between the standard version and the high version?

In appearance, the two are the same. Functionally, the high version adds AI function, supports bone voice pattern recognition, intelligent recognition, voice control music and incoming calls, voice direct payment interface, voice assistant unlock.

According to official information, Honor FlyPods Pro’s innovative built-in bone tone sensor, combined with the mobile voiceprint algorithm, unlocks the phone and opens the app in one step by accurately capturing the boneprint information of the wearer. In other words, it can intelligently identify the owner’s voice, only listening to the owner’s command. With voice control, you can direct it to answer calls, open WeChat Alipay pages, and more.

Endurance charging

In terms of battery life, according to official information, the two calls can last up to 15 hours and listen to music for a longer time. The Honor FlyPods series of wireless headsets support wireless charging, but an additional wireless charging dock is required. It can be wirelessly charged and charged with the phone. However, charging with Type C USB cable will be faster, and it takes about 1 hour.

In short, the FlyPods series can be said to be a value-for-money, reasonable price, performance surprise, or very worthwhile. What do you think?

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