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Xiaomi Body Fat Scale 2 Reviews

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The color value of the purchased product is now almost in the first place. Xiaomi Body Fat Scale 2 continues the design style of Xiaomi. The whole is mainly white, and it is very heavy to hold in your hand. You can see this at a glance from the pictures printed on the box. It is a body fat scale. It has four more metal contacts than ordinary electronic scales. It is precisely because of these four contacts that it can measure the body fat rate and other data.

After opening the box, the compartment also carefully marks the removal method. After opening, it is called the body. Some precautions are also written on the protective bag. Because the panel is made of glass, be careful when removing it to avoid falling and breaking. .

There is also a small box at the bottom. From the graphical annotation, it can be seen that the battery and instructions are placed inside.

After taking out, you can see the manual and four AAA batteries. This time the battery is Shuanglu, and Xiaomi’s own rainbow battery is not used. However, it can be seen from the appearance that the Shuanglu battery is not what you can buy on the market. Kind of, the appearance may be customized, and the colors are a bit like rainbow batteries.

Let’s look at the body below. There are four metal contacts on the entire piece of glass on the front, and the millet logo in the middle. The overall design is neat and beautiful. I can feel the touch point is slightly higher, very fine, the openings are neat, and there are no defects such as burrs.

The edges of the glass have been frosted, and the rounded corners are also very large. Even if there is a child at home, you don’t have to worry about hitting the child, and the weight is 1.7kg. Generally, children cannot pick it up. The overall volume is not large, 30cm × 30cm × 2.5cm can be measured at any time by placing it beside any wall.

It can be seen from the side that the thickness of the glass is still very thick. The material is tempered glass. The bottom is called engineering plastic. The overall appearance is very versatile. Generally, it will not be superfluous.

Looking at the back, the battery compartment is in the middle, and the battery can be inserted after the gusset is opened.

The four dots are the sensors. The reason why they are placed on a hard surface is to make the four feet have the same force to measure the most accurate data.

The contact surface of the feet is made of rubber material, which has a very good anti-slip effect. The overall appearance details are like this. If possible, the software function will be tested. Well, thanks for watching.

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