Xiaomi USB Charger 36W US Plug Power Adapter

Xiaomi 36W fast Charger Power Adapter, let the phone charge really fast


If Xiaomi’s many technological products can change our lives and become more convenient with technology, then a recent Xiaomi’s fast-filling, it really saves us a lot of time, it is a double mouth. The Xiaomi 36W Charger Power Adapter is priced at just $13.69.

Its appearance, or the simple fashion of the consistent millet products, pure white material, two USB jacks. And it is also the characteristics of these two USB jacks, we all know that the general charging head has only one jack, and this dual jack design allows you to simultaneously fast support devices that support QC 3.0 fast charging protocol. Charging.

With the increasing use of mobile phones, and solving power problems, many mobile devices have already supported fast charging, and not all devices have officially equipped fast-filling when purchasing, such as iPhone and Redmi Note 5. Wait a minute, so Xiaomi’s double-hole fast filling is very cost-effective.

Have to say that Xiaomi’s dual-port 36W charging head, only the price of 13.69 US dollars, can let you support the fast charging mobile phone charging speed is like flying up feeling, I do not know how you feel?

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