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Smaller and more refined. Colorful C10 portable player audition

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Colorful has launched its first HiFi portable player C4 in 2010. At that time, the portable player market was still a blue ocean. At that time, there were almost no competitors. At the time of C4’s price of 3,499 yuan, it was well received by countless enthusiasts. Now that five years have passed, the portable player market has not shrunk, but it has become larger and larger, and more manufacturers have joined the market. Today’s portable market players can be said to be in a state of full bloom, and the number of products is numerous.

This year, Rainbow has finally updated its only portable HiFi player product, and launched a new product, the C10. From the model point of view, it is not like a simple C4 upgrade, but more like Another series, but in terms of design, it still maintains the C4 style.

In terms of functions, this product is of course also in line with the requirements of current audio products, for high bit rate support, and can support direct decoding of DSD128, which has become a lot of products for the popular DSD format. Standard, DSD does have better sound performance than traditional PCM recording.

For this product, the author has also been used for a while, and compared to the price of C4 once 3499 yuan, the price of this new product does not rise and fall, only 2499 yuan, then compared to the previous C4 Say, is it progress or compromise? Let’s take a look at the evaluation of this product!

For this new Colorfly C10, you can still see at a glance that this is a new product from the colorful colorfly, because it still uses a wooden back shell, still uses a putter-style volume adjustment design, and The position of the arrow keys and the screen did not change much, but it was much more refined than the previous generation.

This new C10 continues the C4’s wooden shell design, with rosewood as the back shell, and adds a waistline design to make the user’s grip more comfortable. The other feature that was previously maintained was the volume of the putter design, which was also continued on the C10, and this time the putter became flatter, which could better prevent misoperation and suddenly increase the volume.

In terms of interface, a Micro USB interface is arranged under the fuselage for charging and data reading. There is also a small TF card expansion slot on one side, which can support up to 64GB of expansion capacity. The compact Reset button can also be used. Let the user recover when the crash occurs. The top of the fuselage is equipped with a switch \ lock button and two 3.5mm female socket, respectively, the headphone jack and the line out jack.

From the interface changes, we can also see that compared to the previous generation C4, this product cancels the coaxial digital input and output functions, and adds a new line output function at the top, as to whether it shrinks, at least As far as I can see, it seems to be more practical. After all, there are not many users who use the portable player output, but the demand for Line Out is still large.

For the performance of the sound, this product has the same style and appearance as the sound, and also inherits the style of C4. For those who like C4, it will definitely be very fond of this product.

In terms of sound performance, this product still maintains the C4’s loose, light sound style. And in terms of quality, the performance is still eye-catching, the overall sound is relaxed and the tri-band is evenly distributed, and there is a remarkable interpretation of the type of music. And the driving force of the headphones is also excellent. In this evaluation, I mainly use the Beyerdynamic T90 as a reference earphone, and the earplugs also use the flagship products such as Sennheiser IE8 and Sony EX1000, but mainly The reference object is the T90, a full-size dynamic ring headset, and the C10’s drive is already in place.

For classical music, the biggest advantage of the C10 is its excellent image and wide sound field. The combination of the two brings a very “accurate” sound, the accurate, balanced three-band of each instrument position. The sound is accurate. Compared with the traditional monitor equipment or the playback of many recorders, the C10 has a consistently loose nature, can hear natural overtones, and will not feel tired after listening for a long time.

For the playback of popular music, the female voice will also be very good in this product. The excellent sound base can bring a very ethereal sound experience to the user, and the position of the intermediate frequency is very good. In the accompaniment, the excellent separation guarantees the excellent performance of the whole while maintaining the vocal feelings. For the male voice, it seems to have a flavor, the faithful reduction ability will not give up the low-frequency thickness, the emotional low-pitched male voice is also what it is good at, and the details are more prominent.

For the performance of the sound, if you like the sound performance of the C4, then this C10 must also be your dish. If you haven’t heard of the C4 and want a portable player that is loose and natural but not thick, then this C10 must be your favorite. And such sound quality in the price segment of 2,499 yuan, is still very competitive.

to sum up:

Excellent sound performance, more meticulous workmanship, support for DSD, and excellent driving force. For only the price of 2,499 yuan, this C10 will be a big surprise for the portable player market now, but what makes me feel embarrassed is that the previous C4 can do it?

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