Lenovo S5 delicate appearance of the phone

Lenovo S5 delicate appearance of the phone


It is said that today is the era of looking at the face, after all, the heart of beauty is there. As a mobile phone, the first impression is naturally the appearance. The Lenovo S5 is said to be a favorite of the small design. Picking up the phone, the 5.7-inch full screen on the front first caught my eye. The mainstream resolution of 2160×1080, the display effect is very delicate and excellent. Compared to traditional screens, the 18:9 aspect ratio provides a richer, more immersive visual experience. Like a mobile game to eat chicken, the king’s glory, etc., the two more visions may be your stepping stone to the road to the Great God! In addition, the control of the black and white sides of the machine is also very good, although it can not be compared with the flagship model, but in the horizontal screen game, can increase the sense of holding.

The front design of the Lenovo S5 is very simple, and the pure black panel hides the front camera and sensor openings. The front-facing black design further enhances the integrity of the phone. The texture of the mobile phone is very strong, and it doesn’t feel like a thousand yuan model. The four corners of the fuselage are very round, with the high-gloss CNC corners, shining under the refracting of light. The streamlined body feels quite good, people can’t help but touch it, you can use the words “love it” to describe it!

The back of the fuselage is a metal body, which has the advantage of further enhancing the sense of unity of the mobile phone, without the feeling of cutting hands. In addition, the back shell is subjected to seven CNC processes + nano-injection molding, and then formed by a dozen or more processes such as sanding, sand blasting, diamond trimming and anodizing. The large curvature of the back of the fuselage goes up along the simple waistline, perfectly matching the front 2.5D curved glass. It’s a lot of weight in your hand, but it won’t be burdened for a long time.

The upper left corner of the back is double-shot. Although there are some bumps, the transition is very natural and there is no feeling of visual splitting. The official claim that this is because the camera has abandoned the decorative parts, directly integrated with the back shell, using a separate CNC fine washing, seamless connection and other technologies. Although it has a 50% increase in cost, it has an elegant look and feel. Compared to the bumps of many mobile phones, the Lenovo S5’s dual-camera looks quite pleasing!

The back of the fuselage is designed with a large curvature, and the integrally formed body is matched with the U-shaped antenna belt. It is worth noting that the sense of color difference is almost worthy of a wave! In order to fit the palm of your hand, the Lenovo S5’s back is very elegant. According to Lenovo, at the beginning of the design, more than 200 hand editions were used, and the grip test of more than 10,000 hands finally found a perfect arc that fits perfectly with the Chinese palm. Finely polished and ingeniously designed to create this exquisite workmanship phone.

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