You need a millet Jimmy dust mites vacuum cleaner at home

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Health issues are one of the most important concerns, and an important way to ensure health is to maintain a clean home and personal hygiene. In recent years,mite have received more attention from people. This is a tiny creature that can be hidden in your towel, sheets, and quilts, but you can’t see it. This is really a horrible thing. In addition to regular cleaning of clothes and sheets, we also have an adsorption method to remove mites. This Xiaomi Jimmy Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner it not only has a large suction force, but also has ultraviolet sterilization function. Today, let’s take a look at this product.

Xiaomi Jimmy Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner

UV sterilization

Xiaomi Jimmy Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner uses professional-grade UV-C UV lamps. The 160mm UV-C UV germicidal lamp is capable of releasing 235.7nm wavelength ultraviolet rays.It can kill the mites that have been photographed.For the user, its job is to disinfect sheets, sofas, curtains, etc.What you need to pay attention to is that the UV-C UV lamp is controlled by the light. When the user does not vacuum or lift it during the process of removing the mites.The UV lamp will turn off automatically to protect the user from UV radiation.


Super dust removal effect

Jimmy Dust Mite vacuum cleaners, although small in size, have a motor power of 350W. There are 14,000 strong beats per minute, and dust and mites on the bed can be shaken off. At the same time, it has a 22 cm suction hole that sucks contaminants into the fuselage. Its high power and good suction eliminates 99% of dust mites and allergens killed by UV radiation. Moreover, the process does not have a strong sense of vibration to the user. This is a perfect vacuum cleaner.Xiaomi Jimmy Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner


Multi-functional accessories

The Jimmy Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner has a 0.4 litre clear dust cup for dust storage. It supports one-button dumping, can be washed, and is more convenient and hygienic. The whole machine power is 350W, the ground brush vacuum is 4Kpa. The noise is ≤78dBA, the UV lamp power is 6W, and the power cord length is 5m. In addition, it has a composite roller brush of approximately 35 mm. It can absorbs dust generated by static electricity without damaging the fabric. The vacuum cleaner provides a very powerful suction to clean the curtains and carpets and sofas.
For the health of you and your family, you must not miss this vacuum cleaner with such a complete function and high efficiency.

Xiaomi Jimmy Handheld Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner


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