Xiaomi Xiaoda Smart Thermostat Wireless Charger Cup Mat

Can the coaster still be charged? Xiaomi did not disappoint me

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How much can a coaster be worth? 5 dollars? 10 dollars? 20 dollars is enough? No, this coaster from Mi Family is a bit expensive, $ 32.90. Because it can not only be used as a coaster, it can also be charged. Rechargeable coaster? What amazing artifact?

Xiaoda Smart Thermostat Wireless Charger Cup Mat, a convenient artifact that can keep warm or charge. The combination of wireless charging and intelligent constant temperature is really desirable. In this age where everything is convenient and fast, saving time and effort is too important for office workers. If you put a coaster on the desk that can both hot tea and wireless fast charge, it will really save a lot of things. Turn it into a charging weapon when you need it, and bring it to your cup when you are free.

Xiaoda Smart Thermostat Wireless Charger Cup Mat is available in three colors: blue, black and white. The power output of 15W fast charge, the design of the magnetic coil, and the speed can be compared with the wired charger. In addition to being evenly heated, the round coaster is also suitable for many popular models. Support QC2.0 / 3.0 fast charge, put on and match.

The design of the wireless coaster eliminates the need to plug and unplug, no need to find data cables and plugs everywhere, easy and simple. The Xiaoda Smart Thermostat Wireless Charger Cup Mat also adds the convenience of charging with a case. It can be charged at any time without removing the phone case. The coaster is also equipped with a foreign object recognition function. When other metal foreign objects are placed on it, it will automatically recognize the flashing reminder to avoid power consumption and other hidden safety problems.

Xiaoda’s surface is designed with non-slip silicone, so you don’t need to worry about it moving and falling when the call vibrates. The SOC architecture eliminates many other peripheral devices and saves energy and energy. Three status reminders: wireless charging when blue light, intelligent constant temperature for purple light, and foreign object reminder when red light. If you buy it, you will receive a matching mug. This office artifact is moving.

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