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We all know that there are many benefits to keeping pets,many people like to keep cats, dogs and birds, but these pets need a lot of energy and time. We know that you absolutely like your cats, dogs and birds, but they all have vocal cords. Their noise will always appear at the most out of time, such as when you want to sleep, this may also be a complaint from your neighbor. But the fish are different, they don’t peep at your behavior, they don’t make noises to affect your rest. And fish don’t need much space, you just need to use bottles, fish tanks, or even a bowl, as long as there is enough water inside, you can make them happy. Your cat or dog will leave home when they are not happy, but you don’t have to worry about your fish leaving home. The fish don’t care whether you are paying attention to them or not,They are sleeping, eating and swimming all day, never thinking about who is on the other side of the glass jar. Leisurely swimming fish can bring their owners into a state of relaxation. Over time, this soothing visual effect can help you reduce stress and make you happy to do everything.
Compared with cats and dogs, the supplies needed for fish farming are very simple. A fish tank, enough water, an aeration pump, and bait are enough. If you want to raise fish, these items may be suitable for you.
The fish is dependent on the oxygen in the water to maintain life, so the aeration pump is essential, 4cm Air Bubble Stone Fish Tank Pump Hydroponic Oxygen Plate is an important tool for successfully maintaining the respiratory process of aquatic fish. It increases oxygen levels in the water, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, raises the pH, creates bubbles in the aquarium, creating water flow and dazzling Underwater scenes.You will love this product.4cm Air Bubble Stone Aerator for Aquarium Fish Tank Pump Hydroponic Oxygen Plate

Many pet owners have a common annoyance. Sometimes, because they are too busy to forget to feed their pets, this Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Auto Food Timer can help you solve this problem. This machine is suitable for automatically feeding fish when you are away from home (you can set it yourself). When you go home, your cute little fish is still lively. The adjustable switch adjusts the food outlet according to the needs of the fish. The power supply of 2 1.5V AA batteries makes the operation consume low. With a large capacity feeder, you can set the timer yourself (12/24 hours).Use of DC micromotors to control ,environmentally friendly plastic materials is safe to use.Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Auto Food Timer

The most important part of raising fish is to clean the fish tank regularly and change the water. If you think this is a troublesome thing, don’t worry, this Glass Aquarium Algae Scraper Fish Tank Cleaner Cleaning Tool can help you,It Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, anti-corrosion, anti-rust. Angled blades effectively remove algae from the glass surface and can be used in any corner of the aquarium and clean fish tank. Adjustable handle length for easy and comfortable operation.Glass Aquarium Algae Scraper Fish Tank Cleaner Cleaning Tool Adjustable Size with Alternative Blade

If you feel that it is too time-consuming to purchase these fish farming equipment separately, this desktop fish tank with LED clock is your best choice. It is small and well equipped and is ideal for desktop decoration. The aquarium can store about 1.5L of water and is suitable for raising small goldfish. The water stored in the aquarium can be recycled to provide fresh air to the fish living in the aquarium. The bottom is decorated with decorative pebbles, artificial plants and USB connectors. The backlit LCD display has an alarm clock, calendar, time, date, temperature, etc.,Such a small and delicate fish tank, I think no one will refuse.Desktop Fish Tank with LED Clock

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