Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver is the best gift for your father

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Christmas is coming, are you still worried about picking Christmas presents for your father? Do you know what the most useful gift for your father? Yes, it is a razor. There are many types and brands of razors, but few brands are recognized. Xiaomi electric waterproof razor is one of the most popular products. It must be the perfect Christmas gift for your father, let’s take a look at what it has.

Shower gel, dry and wet available

Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver adopts IPX7 body waterproof technology, which can be directly washed, wet and dry double scraping. If you want a softer, smoother shaving experience? After cleansing the face, you can use shaving foam to soften the beard. In addition, do not shave beard, bath liquid, shampoo and hot water before bathing.It is easy to cause discomfort or even allergies in the shaving area.Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver Waterproof


Accelerated gear, deep clean

The Mijia electric Shaver uses the Japanese MABUCHI MOTOR 260 motor. This kind of motor has large torque, high number of revolutions and more stable performance. Mijia electric shaver has two gears: standard and acceleration. And the standard gear is suitable for users with a high beard density. The acceleration block allows the razor to glow at a cutting speed of approximately 3.9 m/s. It is ideal for deep cleansing needs of beard thick users.

Adapt to a variety of facial contours, 360° cleaning

The Shaver features a 3-head 360° floating overlay and a double-ringed, double-ring blade.It could shave the upper lip, chin, cheeks, and two beards. The ordinary Shaver doesn’t have the flexibility to clean complex facial contours, and this Shaver is flexible. In addition,with a 360° floating veneer system, the Mijia electric razor easily faces the beards in different corners of the face, leaving no traces at once.

In addition, this razor has a long battery life. The Mijia electric shaver has a built-in lithium battery that can last for 60 minutes when fully charged and can be shaved 30 times*When the battery is low, just charge it for 5 minutes to use it normally.It uses USB docking and can be charged by mobile power or computer. It is universal and free to travel. The Mijia electric Shaver is a good partner for your  trip and a perfect Christmas gift for your father.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver Waterproof

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