Xiaomi Honeywell Mi Smart Natural Gas Detector

Danger test, Xiaomi gas alarm reduces danger by 2/3

Smart Device & Safety

Natural gas is not only convenient for health, but also reduces the intensity of housework and is deeply loved by the people. Although the advantages of using natural gas are many, if used improperly, fire, explosion and poisoning accidents may occur, and even human life may be endangered.

Honeywell and Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise Green Rice Lianchuang jointly designed to link household natural gas safety and smart home. In addition to local alarms, it also provides cloud alarms. It can also keep abreast of the situation in a thousand miles and facilitate timely processing.

Packaging and appearance:

The natural gas alarm is in the simple white packaging of Mijia style, the front is the rendering of the product, and the side is the logo of Honeywell and Mijia.

Through the product information on the back we can see that this gas alarm is a gas-methane (the main component of natural gas), which can detect natural gas concentrations ranging from 0 to 100% LEL. With wireless Zigbee communication, the operating temperature is -10-55 degrees Celsius.

It can detect the natural gas concentration range of 0~100% LEL. When the natural gas concentration is as low as 4% LEL, it can trigger the high-decibel sound and light alarm and the extreme speed response within 30s. It adopts Honeywell’s digital processing technology, calibration method and real-time temperature compensation technology to ensure The product’s accuracy, reliability and real-time performance of methane (CH4) monitoring in indoor environments.

Mijia natural gas alarm package internal natural gas alarm host *1, power adapter *1, fire license *1, manual *1, warranty card *1, installation screw expansion tube *2, double-sided adhesive stickers *1.

There are two types of installations for natural gas alarms:

Screw installation, select the verified installation position, punch holes in the wall, install the expansion tube in the punched position, fix the mounting plate with screws, and rotate the detector clockwise.
You can also use the gifted double-sided tape to attach to the detector mounting plate. Make sure the wall is clean and dry, otherwise it will fall easily. During the installation process, the horizontal distance between the gas detector and the burning appliance and the valve should not exceed 4 meters, and the height of the installation and the ceiling should be less than 0.3 meters, otherwise the test effect will be affected.

The natural gas alarm is not a new thing. The Mijia natural gas alarm is different from the traditional natural gas alarm. It can not only realize local sound and light alarm, realize equipment linkage, but also connect to the multi-function gateway of the Mijia through ZigBee wireless interconnection technology. Transfer information to the cloud.

Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can keep abreast of the dangers in your home and take action in a timely manner. Adding a device to the gateway is very simple. Select the device type to be added in the APP, and then follow the instructions to quickly press the multi-function button 3 of the Mijia natural gas alarm. After 10 seconds, it will automatically recognize the joining gateway. In order to facilitate users who install in multiple locations, Mijia APP also supports the choice of defining the location of the natural gas alarm, or changing the name.

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