Xiaomi Smartmi PM2.5 Air Detector Review

Xiaomi Smartmi PM2.5 Air Detector Review

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Speaking of PM2.5, people always think of “haze” and “masks”, yes, when the PM2.5 concentration in the air exceeds a certain value, haze weather will occur. Because the smog contains a large number of invisible tiny inhalable particles, which can easily cause damage to human breathing, especially for infants and children, it is very easy to cause various respiratory diseases, so many netizens will wear masks for themselves or their children when they go out. So how do we know the PM2.5 concentration? At present, meteorological monitoring across the country has incorporated PM2.5 concentrations into daily weather forecasts, but the published values ​​are only a large range of PM2.5 concentrations. For local PM2.5 concentrations in a small range, especially the indoor environment Unpredictable.

So, is there another device that can monitor the surrounding PM2.5 concentration in real time and carry it around? Today, Sharejun recommends a Smartmi PM2.5 detector from Xiaomi ecological chain company Smartmi Technology. Why would Junjun recommend Smartmi PM2.5 detector? First of all, because of its ultra-low price as low as 199 yuan, a certain treasure is currently selling many PM2.5 detectors, but you will find that most of the detectors are expensive.

The second reason is that the Smartmi PM2.5 detector is very small. Compared with the Mi MIX3 of 6.39 inches, the Smartmi PM2.5 detector is only two-thirds the size of the Xiaomi MIX3. After specific measurements, the Smartmi PM2.5 detector is 8.43 cm long, 6.03 cm wide, 2.14 cm thick, and weighs only 90.5 grams, making it ideal for carrying around. Compared to the PM2.5 detector sold by a certain treasure, the Smartmi PM2.5 detector is really too small, and the overall shape is like Xiaomi mobile power.

Although the Smartmi PM2.5 detector is very small, its workmanship is not ambiguous at all. Its entire body is made of white injection-molded ABS material, and the touch is delicate and smooth, just like touching baby-like skin. The most important thing is that it does not stick. fingerprint. Under the front of the fuselage, the English logo of Smartmi “smartmi” is also printed, which makes the tester very high-grade. In addition, in order to improve the grip of the Smartmi PM2.5 detector, the four corners of the bottom are designed with rounded arcs, so you do n’t feel a rest when you hold it tightly.

The display area of ​​the Smartmi PM2.5 detector is designed at the top, equipped with an LED display and a power switch. The overall design feels like the front screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Unlike the pure white injection molding body, the display area of ​​the Smartmi PM2.5 detector is covered by a black panel, and the effect of the screen status is very strong. However, if you look closely at the display area under the light, you can still see the built-in display HD digital tube.

The inlet and outlet of the Smartmi PM2.5 detector are all designed at the rear of the fuselage. The linear design is adopted. The built-in DC turbo fan can be quickly sucked into the outside and then accurately analyzed by a high-precision laser sensor. The content of fine particles in the air can basically display the real-time PM2.5 concentration. Although the Smartmi PM2.5 detector has a built-in DC turbo fan, in actual use, the operation sound of the fan is hardly audible, and the quiet operation is basically achieved.

Smartmi PM2.5 detector operation is very simple, long press the power button for three seconds to turn on, and then press and hold for three seconds to turn off, Smartmi PM2.5 detector will automatically detect the PM2.5 concentration in the air, and Real-time numerical display via LED display. The Arabic numbers on the left represent the PM2.5 concentration in the air. If the concentration exceeds a certain value, the bar-shaped digital indicator on the right will also change different colors to remind.

When the PM2.5 concentration value is between 0-75, the bar digital indicator will be displayed as “green”, which means that the air quality is good; when the PM2.5 concentration value is between 76-150, the bar digital indicator will be displayed as ” “Orange” indicates that there is slight pollution in the air; when the PM2.5 concentration value is above 150, the bar-shaped digital indicator will display “red”, which indicates that there is severe pollution in the air. Three-color intimate display at a glance, very convenient.

Since Smartmi PM2.5 detector is not equipped with a light sensor like a smart phone, it does not support brightness adjustment of the LED display under light. However, it supports brightness adjustment through the power button, supports three-level brightness adjustment, and orders under power-on. Press the power button once to adjust the brightness. Generally speaking, the screen brightness can be adjusted to the brightest in an outdoor strong light environment, the screen brightness can be adjusted to a medium zero degree in an indoor environment, and the screen brightness can be adjusted to the lowest at night.

In terms of battery life, the Smartmi PM2.5 detector has a built-in high-performance and durable lithium battery with a battery capacity of 950mAh and a Micro USB v2.0 interface. It can be charged using a mobile phone power adapter or a mobile power source. According to official calculations, it can be used for about 120 times according to three minutes of use. In addition, Smartmi PM2.5 detector also supports automatic shutdown without operation, and it will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity to save power.

In general, the Smartmi PM2.5 detector has the advantages of stylish appearance, delicate touch, compact and easy to carry; fast opening in three seconds, with the use of real-time display of numerical values; built-in three-color digital indicator for green / orange / Red three-color reminder; support three levels of manual brightness adjustment to ensure that the value is clear and readable; full power, low power consumption, of course, the most important thing is the accurate value. The disadvantage is that the white body is not resistant to dirt. Fortunately, Smartmi Technology has also designed a silicone protective cover for the detector, but it needs to be purchased separately. At present, this Smartmi PM2.5 detector has been put on the Xiaomi Youpin Mall for $ 36.99. What do you think?

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