Xiao-mi Moyu AI Translator Pro

Xiaomi crowdfunding high-tech artificial intelligence translation machine

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Today, the entire technology circle was successfully listed by Xiaomi in Hong Kong for the screen. It can only be said that Lei Jun’s eight-year struggle finally had a good result, and also established the international image of Chinese enterprises. Xiaomi not only has its own brand recognition, but even the products of Xiaomi Eco-chain have been recognized by consumers. Recently, Xiaomi has raised a high-tech product – Moyu AI translator.

We can literally see that this is an artificial intelligence translator. The small, all-metal body, the compact buttons look more like a piece of art. It is equipped with space silver and deep space gray for consumers to choose.

The translator has a built-in Microsoft artificial intelligence translation engine that supports mainstream English, Japanese, German, and more. Supports up to 14 languages ​​and covers more than 170 countries. It can be said that one machine is in hand and travels all over the world. And this translator will continue to learn your accent in use, so that the more accurate the translation machine.

The Moyu AI translator can not only translate, but also has the assistant function. With more than 47 skills of small love students, one-click listening to music, checking exchange rates, listening to news, asking the weather, listening to radio stations, calculators can be said that this translator covers all aspects of life. Built-in 900 mAh battery, support 7 days standby, continuous work 8 hours.

This Moyu AI translator is priced at $52.69. It can be said that this translator is the cheapest translation machine on the market. I don’t know how you think this translator is?

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