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Pretty portable mosquito killer – summer mosquito killing is not only simple but also healthy

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In the hot summer days, everything grows wildly, not only can you hear the worms, birds and beasts, but also the winter cold, wear your favorite clothes every day, listen to your favorite songs, every time in the evening, lying in front of the door Listening to an old song in the shade of the trees is still very beautiful. But when the dark night comes, the noise of the ear is always in the ears, and it is true that every mosquito is not absent in summer. How to kill mosquitoes has become a problem that everyone has to consider every summer? Is it a traditional mosquito-repellent mosquito killer? Or is it sprayed with dew water? In the summer, there is still a month or so to share a physical mosquito killer lamp – a cute portable mosquito killer

In order to let everyone prevent the coming mosquito army early, the cute portable mosquito killer has already been on the shelves in Xiaomi, using the consistent rice-based cool packaging, plus the color picture of the mosquito-killing lamp itself, the recognition is still very high. . In addition to the mosquito killer itself, the accessory comes with a small brush, manual, microUSB.

In Kunming, where the seasons are like spring, the mosquitoes have already arrived. When the mosquitoes are sleeping, the mosquitoes are always screaming in the ear, which is very irritating, especially for those who can’t sleep with noise. I want to catch the small mosquitoes and then pull them quickly. I can’t stand the smell of mosquito-repellent incense, so I have been looking for a way to kill mosquitoes that is not only tasteless, but also healthy. When the mosquito lamp was used, it was confirmed that this was my dish.

The appearance of the beautiful portable mosquito killer is round and the material is made of ABS environmental protection fireproof material. The 6mm gap design occupies most of the entire fuselage area, on the one hand, it is convenient for mosquitoes to enter freely, and the 6mm gap can also prevent children from sticking their fingers into the mosquito lamp. In order to facilitate the cleaning of the portable mosquito killer lamp also supports IP44 waterproof, not only can be cleaned more cleanly, but also adds an invisible life guarantee for the occasionally overturned cup.

Healthy mosquito killing is the biggest reason why I choose the cute mosquito killer. The simple understanding of the mosquito killing method of the portable mosquito killer can be roughly divided into two parts. The first step is to use the 365nm~394nm band that mosquitoes like. The light wave attracts mosquitoes into the interior of the mosquito killer, and the second part uses static electricity to destroy the mosquitoes. This static electricity will not cause harm to the human body, so there is no need to worry about the damage caused by the use. This scientific and interesting way of killing mosquitoes not only eliminates the smell of mosquito-repellent incense, but also does not cause any harm to the body by any chemicals. The family with elderly and children in the family can use it with confidence. In addition to the built-in rechargeable battery, the portability is greatly improved. It can be easily disinfected by standing for a while before going to bed. The light is purple when the mosquito is extinguished, and it is very easy to distinguish. There is a red indicator light at the bottom when charging.

The cute portable mosquito killer comes with a series of easy-to-use features, which is why I really like this practical home product. The first point is of course the built-in night light mode. This function saves the trouble of finding the switch everywhere in the middle of the night. The finger touches the light-on part for 3 seconds to turn on. The light intensity is just right, and it doesn’t bother others to rest. The experience is very good. The second point is that the cute portable mosquito killer supports the upside down mode. This function may not be meaningful for a family with a large house. This function is very much needed for families with more sundries in the house. Does not occupy the place (the mosquito killing area is 40m2).

The anti-mosquito effect is the best way to embody a mosquito killer. The killing effect of the cute mosquito killer is very good. It can be said that it is a household product that can see the actual effect, and you can clearly see the small mosquito. The corpse, this is just the effect that I placed for two or three minutes, you can see the actual effect.

As a small and easy-to-operate home small product, the beautiful portable mosquito killer has made the mosquito killing experience very good. At the same time, it also comes with a lot of practical small functions. It is a product that is not picky, plus health. Interesting anti-mosquito methods are recommended. The only place I think should be improved is that I hope that the official can produce a mosquito-killing lamp that can be controlled by a mobile phone. The button operation is a bit cumbersome.

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