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QCY T3 true wireless Bluetooth headset to start users evaluation: very satisfied with this price-performance ratio. The appearance is very cool, the magnetic attraction of the box is very textured. The function follows the usefulness of this series. It lasts for a long time. It has not been charged for two days. The road has been listening to songs. The sound quality is much better than the sound. The most important thing is that wearing is more comfortable than the previous generation, and as long as the ear is worn, the silicone sleeve will not have a stethoscope effect. However, the voice of the call is still very small, and the other party is more difficult to hear. The touch is still acceptable, there will be a misoperation or no reaction, and you can try it a few times. After all, the new operation mode needs to be adapted. Overall still very good, will recommend friends to buy.

The sound quality of the QCY T3 headphones is also good to carry, this quality is tough, it looks very good, much better than I used before, the sound quality is clear, the stereo is strong, the packaging is exquisite, the appearance is good-looking, I like it very much, the customer service attitude is also very good. Oh, logistics is awesome and cost-effective. Need to buy back later, the price is quite high, the headset is the original authentic Tmall, Linglong customer service attitude is very good.

Wearing feeling: I feel very good, this earphone is the best one I have ever bought, the sound quality is super good, no noise and current sound, the earphone style is also very beautiful and very versatile, is a very good earphone I like this earphone very much. The sound quality of the earphone is very good. It is really good. I like the in-ear style. It is very comfortable and the sound is very stereo. This bluetooth earphone is very suitable for purchase. HD call is not expensive. And with a very comfortable, really great!

Sound effect: Sound quality is currently very good, the phone sound is clear, the appearance of the material: the design looks very stylish, practical, wearing feeling: driving with a single ear is very safe endurance: usually use video and Voice calls can be used, and the battery life is also very good. Other features: customer service attitude is great, love QCY. . Chestnut service attitude is good.

The appearance is very handsome, the texture of the material of the earphones is very light and comfortable, so I love it, I like this brand of headphones, the comfort and sound quality of the headphones are very good, the high and low sounds are three-dimensional clear, the quality is tough, worn in the ears. The inside is very solid but does not feel pain. The price/performance ratio of this earphone can be said to be very high. You must give a good attitude to the goats!

Wearing the feeling: the earplugs are very comfortable to wear, the size is right, and there are 2 earplugs of different sizes. Sound effects: The effect is good at this price and level, but the bass is a little bit worse. Wearing a running, not out of the station, is much better than the other brands I bought before. worth having! ! Appearance Material: Appearance I personally like it.

The headset received, really a very happy shopping, the quality is very tough, I am very satisfied with the headset, the special seller’s service is very good, of course, mainly the product I like very much, directly tap the headset can use the sound quality is very good, bass Obviously, the style of the earphones is very beautiful, and the quality is the production style of the qcy big factory brand. The battery is also very durable, 2 headphones can be replaced with a belt, enough for my usual running fitness, sweat-proof waterproof is not afraid of anything, listening to books and listening to songs is very good! Customer service exquisite service attitude is good.

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