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Cleanfly car vacuum cleaner experience: hand-held cleaning is more convenient!

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For a friend who owns a car, the car is the second home after the house. Whether it is work or business trip or travel, the car is more and more important for the current family, but while bringing convenience, the car hygiene is It’s a very headache. Most people may choose a car wash shop to solve it. Some people will choose to solve it themselves. It is the way we want to clean it whenever we want. Now more and more products are given. Cleaning features, such as the Cleanfly in-car portable vacuum cleaner is a very practical product, both portability and cleaning ability are amazing!

Let’s take a look at this Cleanfly car portable vacuum cleaner. This product is packaged in a black design. It looks very mysterious. The front design has a product map, which can probably see its appearance. The product family includes a vacuum cleaner host. , retractable 2-in-1 nozzle, car charger, registration card and user manual. Surprisingly, a Cleanfly home power adapter is also included, and it is individually packaged. It can be seen that the Cleanfly in-car portable vacuum cleaner can be used not only in the car but also at home.

The user manual of the Cleanfly portable vacuum cleaner has a detailed introduction to the product. At the same time, it can understand the structure and disassembly of the vacuum cleaner. It can be used quickly and reduce the learning cost.

The Cleanfly on-board portable vacuum cleaner has a matte finish. The handle is also inlaid with a carbon fiber design. The handle and visual effects are very good. The nozzle is designed with a protective cover to help keep it and keep it clean.

The Cleanfly in-car portable vacuum cleaner measures 2.98cm* 7cm*7cm and weighs 560g. It can be easily placed in the center console storage box, water tank slot, door pocket, etc., so that it can be used without space.

Cleanfly car portable vacuum cleaner adopts streamlined airflow to reduce wind resistance, the maximum suction force can reach more than 5000Pa, turbine blade design, high efficiency and powerful motor, up to 30,000 rpm, easy to pick up dust, paper dust, soot, hair, melon seeds, etc. Things.

The Cleanfly car vacuum cleaner also comes with a household power adapter. If the vacuum cleaner is dead, you can charge it through it. It can also be used for home cleaning, such as sofas, sheets, seats, etc.

The Cleanfly in-car portable vacuum cleaner is equipped with two 2000mAh high-performance power batteries. The electromagnetic is located inside the handle and the handle is comfortable to hold. At the same time, Cleanfly car portable vacuum cleaner uses 12V 2A output fast charging technology, only need to charge 1 hour to reach 80% power.

There are a lot of small gaps in the car seat or the sofa at home, and it is difficult to clean it with a conventional cleaning brush. The Cleanfly vehicle-mounted portable vacuum cleaner adopts a flat mouth and a brush-type telescopic two-in-one design to switch between different states in one second. The flat mouth thoroughly cleans the narrow gaps in the car, and the brush head cleans the stubborn dirt inside the car.

Cleanfly car portable vacuum cleaner discards the power cord, it is more convenient to move dust, deep cleaning the hard-to-reach corners of the car, it can clean any corner of the car more effectively, and there is an LED lighting design in the middle of the vacuum cleaner. The darkness of the lighting process is easy to see if it is clean.

Summary: Cleanfly in-car portable vacuum cleaner is both versatile in appearance and function. The integrated design feels comfortable, and the powerful suction ensures more thorough cleaning. It can also be used for home environment, whether it is sofa and bed, or carpet. The corners can be cleaned very well, the price of 45.99 US dollars is also very cost-effective, like friends who have high value and need can pay attention

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