Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner Review

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With an all-black design style, the Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner is a sweeping and mopping integrated sweeper. It uses a Japanese imported NIDEC fan with a high suction power of 2600Pa. It also has a built-in 3200mAh battery that can last for 2 hours, supports automatic recharging. 4 levels of suction mode adjustment. The new generation cleaning system, with extended bilateral brushes, only collects dust and does not raise dust. With the V-shaped anti-winding roller brush, it can clean hairs at one time. Supports 3 sweeping and mopping modes: integrated sweeping and mopping, single sweeping, single mopping. 7.8cm height, easy to clean the bottom of the bed, and to clean the bottom of the sofa. A power supply and two automatic charging buttons are installed on the top of the Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner, and a 3D VSLAM visual navigation camera installed on the Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner too, which can quickly capture environmental information while moving, complete 40,000 feature points collection per second, quickly build environmental layouts and efficiently complete cleaning tasks. It also has 12 types of sensors, and the obstacle crossing ability can reach 2cm.

All accessories of Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner include:
1 * Mop Cloth, 1 * Power Adapter(CN 2-PIN Plug 220V), 1 * Water Tank, 1 * Dust Box, 1 * Roll Brush, 1 * Side Brush, 1 * Clean Brush, 1 * Manual (Chinese). When receiving the goods and unpacking, it is easy to overlook a small tool for cleaning the dust box. If you don’t pay attention, it is easy to throw it away together with the packaging box.

The installation of the Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner is still very simple.

The charging base of the Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner is made of black translucent bright plastic material, four rubber anti-skid pads at the bottom of the power supply, and the power interface and storage slot in the back half of the bottom, which is convenient for organizing and storing excess power cords.


To use Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner, you need to download a Mijia APP. The connection method is also very simple, follow the prompt steps to connect. After the connection is successful, you can see the situation of the sweeping robot, including the scanned area data and usage time, as well as the remaining power. Because it is the first time to use it, the map management function can be used after the sweeping robot has finished sweeping. There are also suction and water volume settings.

The APP can not only operate Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner, but also many settings, such as secondary cleaning, reservation, do not disturb, and so on.

Cleaning Test

After trying to use it for a period of time, the floor was still cleaned. After the floor was cleaned, the dust box of the Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner was full of dust.

Obstacle Crossing Test

There will always be some high and low thresholds in the home. It is necessary to test the ability of the sweeping robot to overcome obstacles. It just happens that there is a threshold of sliding doors in the kitchen at home, and the ability of Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner can still be easily overcome obstacles.

Mopping Test

What is the effect of mopping? At present, it seems to be ok, the water consumption volume is relatively uniform, mopping the floor for almost half an hour, used almost half of the water. The only problem is that there seems to be no prompt after the water is used up, so you need to pay attention to it.

Recharge Test

Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner can automatically recharge, and will automatically go back to charge when it is almost out of power. It can find its home by itself.

Feeling of Using

Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner has sufficient suction power, and a lot of dust and small debris can be sucked very cleanly. At the same time, mopping is also very good, if your home is relatively large, keep the vacuum cleaner fully charged, and you need to fill up it with water twice, it will be able to clean all the places in the house. This Viomi VXVC05-SJ VSLAM Vacuum Cleaner can be operated with APP, freeing hands and making life smart.

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