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Recently, the Elephone W2 smart watch has also made headlines on major websites. It is understood that Elephone W2 perfectly integrates functions such as intelligence, fashion, and bracelet, and forms a good user experience.

Swiss watch craftsmanship and smart bracelet functions are perfectly integrated. The first standard for smart watches is the “three good” standard, which is easy to use, beautiful and easy to wear. 100% bracelet function: exercise, sleep monitoring, incoming call, alarm clock, reminder for long-time sitting, remote control for taking pictures. Precise algorithm, more than 5 years of algorithm precipitation, millions of user data measurement verification. Over 3 months of battery life: more than 30 system optimizations and more than 10 motor debuggings. Waterproof at a depth of 30 meters: more than 10 structural design adjustments, professional waterproof testing equipment testing, 100% finished product waterproof testing.

100% Swiss watch selection and technology. 316L stainless steel case: Longines has the same stainless steel case, combined with pure hand polishing technique, showing a texture like baby’s skin. Sapphire crystal: the glass of choice for Swiss watches. Long-lasting luminous hands: Up to 6 hours of imported Swiss luminous materials, the luminous effect of Swiss watches will choose. Internal and external cultivation and enduring heartbeat: After 2 years and 3 major revisions, nearly a thousand people actually experienced feedback, and they poured 100% enthusiasm from inside to outside.

In general, the latest smart Elephone W2 watch launched by Elephone looks like a traditional dial with an elegant design, but it has built-in enough functions to record the pace, remote control the camera shutter of the phone, call reminder, sleep detection Measure and vibrate the alarm. Officials claim that the battery life can support 3 months, 30 meters waterproof. As a smart watch, stainless steel and leather belts are used in the W2 material, and the dial colors are champagne gold and classic silver. In addition, W2 has Bluetooth 4.0, which can be connected to the ELE application on the mobile phone, and the W2 can be managed through the mobile phone to check the physical condition and sleep analysis.

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