JBL T180A In-ear Headphones

American bass brand: JBL T180A in-ear headphones evaluation report


JBL is a long-established audio brand from the United States and currently belongs to Harman’s own brand. JBL has a high reputation in the field of monitor speakers, stage speakers and professional audio, and its consumer audio products have always been on a low-cost and well-designed route.

JBL’s headphones have a strong American-style tuning style, focusing on the performance of the low-frequency, whether it is their Bluetooth speakers or in-ear headphones products, have a good market share, and in the entry-level price range, there are a wealth of products line.

The JBL T180A to be evaluated in this issue is an in-ear earphone with a relatively high sales volume of JBL, and the price is only 149 yuan. Of course, we don’t expect the performance of its voice to be high. After all, JBL is also considered a “big brand.” This headset, which is positioned on the mobile phone and also plays the role of heavy bass, is what we need to seriously consider.

1.Packaging and accessories

It is not difficult to find that most of the “big brand” headphones are relatively “cheap” on the packaging of low-end products, and the T180A is not free. The size of the box is not large, mainly composed of a soft plastic outer box. The hook hole on the top can also be seen that this earphone takes into account the physical store goods.

The box of this earphone is not too new. In the design of the package, the design style of JBL products is also rumored. The earphones are placed in a transparent plastic box, and the headphone body can be seen at a glance. However, such a package is very common in this brand, but a little better, there is no cheaper blister card.

Box front

On the front of the box, you can see the very prominent “PURE BASS”, which means that the headphone is called “Pure Bass”. Of course, the earphones that sound clean are also found in the headphones. Is the performance surprising?

Opening the box is quite laborious. If you want to take the headset out without damaging the box, be careful, because the headphone cable is stuck between the transparent package and the carton package. And through the box you can see the two additional size silicone sleeves.

Open the box

After talking about the box, you can talk about the T180A’s shabby accessories. In addition to a total of three large, medium and small silicone sleeves, safety instructions, warranty cards and material composition tables, the T180A has no other accessories. This is the most “trick” accessory we’ve ever seen, but after the headset is purchased, the store comes with an additional headset.

However, the savings on the accessories and packaging of this “big brand” headset are understandable. After all, this is a JBL brand of headphones. The target user group is obviously not an enthusiast. We will not look at the fans in this evaluation. Look at it.

2.Appearance and workmanship

T180A in-ear headphones body

In terms of design, the T180A is actually quite common. The all-metal body, straight-in type, and the huge JBL product LOGO in the back cavity, everything looks so ordinary. However, such a design is actually quite simple, there is no flowery color, and there are not many decorative pieces.

However, for most ordinary users, the all-metal cavity and the flat wire will give people a feeling of durability. Of course, the metal case will be more “resistant” than the plastic case, but according to some online users. According to the pictures shared, the T180A still has the problem of falling paint after long-term use.

Orange + Black is the classic color of JBL

T180A offers a variety of color choices, in addition to the black and orange color we chose this time, there are silver, red, green, rose gold concentrate, of course, black + orange can be seen in most JBL products, the recognition is very high .

The headphone housing works well, and there is no uneven seam. The rubber handle of the tail rubber is nested in the cavity, and there are some differences between the color and the metal casing, but the problem is not big. Due to the addition of the line controller, the earphone portion does not provide a blind spot.

Remove the earbuds

After removing the silicone sleeve, you can see the whole picture of the earphone cavity. The structure still belongs to the simple combination of the front cavity and the back cavity. The front cavity is tapered to the catheter. The rear cavity has a ring-shaped decorative ring similar to the appearance of the gear. Of course, this part is integrated with the rear cavity, and the wire handle is directly nested on the rear cavity.

It can also be seen from the detail map that the work of the T180A is still relatively good, at least more than a little bit better than the latent 99 we have evaluated. The size of the earphones is very small and comfortable to wear, but the stethoscope effect is also a bit serious. It would be better if a beamer could be provided.

The back cavity is chamfered

The back cavity of the earphone is designed with a high-light chamfer, which is different from the paint surface of the matte part of the front cavity. This part is a bright finish, and the JBL LOGO is marked by etching, and the possibility of grinding is relatively small.

Of course, the appearance of this headset can still be accepted by the public, although it seems a little mediocre, but not fancy, and more color matching, so that this headset belongs to the kind of “wild models.” It can be seen that JBL is very clear about what kind of headphones the average user needs, and some companies simply don’t understand.

Front cavity black filter

The filter section also uses a black mesh material that is the same color as the cavity, not a metal one. The density, thickness and material of the filter have a more or less effect on the sound, but the T180A’s filter is obviously designed to take care of the durability of the headset itself. If it becomes dirty after prolonged use, wipe it with a cotton swab.

However, the T180A’s wire controller is made of plastic material. It looks cheap, and the keystrokes are a little short, and the rebound strength is slightly weaker. However, at this price point, it is better than nothing.

Textured general line controller

However, the wire of the T180A is still quite flattering. The flat wire has a certain relief effect on the winding of the earphone cord, and the wire that looks “thick” will make people feel stronger. The wire body is black and the edges on both sides are designed to echo orange.

In fact, careful observation of the T180A cavity part does not have any orange embellishment, only the wire and the silicone sleeve part use orange. This design is actually very good. However, compared to the S2 flat wire, the T180A’s wire is slightly narrower, only about 2.89mm, and the wire thickness is 1.12mm, which is similar to the Philips S2.

The T180A uses a rubber-made splitter card with a certain slope in appearance and no text or origin information. Most of the flat-line earphones have the same thickness on the front and rear ends, and it seems to give people a feeling of “thickness”. The overall weight of the headset is 13.2g.

The plug uses a straight-in type that is friendly to mobile phone users and can still be used with a thicker phone case. The headphone cable is generally softer and has a certain elasticity, similar to EarPods.

The sound quality part (the sound performance of the earphones is more subjective. The following content only represents the interesting network view. If possible, we recommend to refer to the contents published by other media together.)

The T180A’s sound quality performance is not expected, I only hope that it can play the current level of headphones should be the level, and not too bad in the sense of hearing, combined with the brand premium of some of its 149 yuan, perhaps it is also worth buying The product.

However, it should be clear that the T180A is a consumer audio product of JBL, which is not in contact with their professional audio products, and do not expect it to gain the quality of JBL professional products. There are always some manufacturers who like to use their professional products to advertise consumer products, which is a very nonsense way of propaganda.

Hearing and style impression: T180A is obviously a product with emphasis on the middle and lower discs. The sound is thick and warm, the high frequency is not pulled out, and the separation and transition of the tri-band are not particularly good. However, it does have a large amount of low-frequency and low-frequency, which makes some of the songs that are inherently sound-sounding sound a bit “heavy.”

It is unrealistic not to talk about quality on the T180A. Its positioning is very clear, and the sound performance is enough to return to the fare. The easier-to-push feature will make it less critical for the front end, and for the enthusiast, the headset won’t appear in its alternate list. When you are going to buy a “subwoofer” earphone with about 100 yuan, you have a good resolution and vocal performance, then the T180A is obviously worth recommending.

However, the Thanhan’s shabby packaging and design is still the same commonality of these “big brands” headphones. But I have to say that this headset still maintains a remarkable American sound style, but there is no rough work like some American earphone manufacturers, which is a place to be gratified.

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