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The best camera is the one you have with you. Depending on your camera phone and the lighting conditions, the results are often dull, ugly photos that are barely worth looking at later on. You can do better, though; you can take most camera phone shots from forgetful to interesting with just a few tweaks. We’ve put together a short list of guidelines to keep in mind when using your smartphone.

Know your phone

Get used to your phone. If there’s a way to add a shortcut that lets you fire up the camera straight away, it’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss those quick photos that often pass you by. My phone is Global Version Ulefone Note 11P 4G Mobile Phone Android 11, an android phone. I used the app QikCam which acts as a shutter button sitting right on the home screen. Camera phones aren’t renowned for the speed, so it’s best to know the shutter speed, and understand the exact moment the photo is taken.

Clean Your Lens

It may seem silly, but give your lens a wipe down before you start snapping photos with your phone. While most people are pretty good about keeping their grubby fingers away from camera lenses, it’s not as easily done with camera phones. If you have a dirty lens, none of the other tips in this article will make your photo look less like crap, so keep it in mind.

Take note of your lighting

One of the most important things to consider when taking photos with your phone is lighting. Bad lighting will kill the pictures, even with a decent camera, so when taking portrait photos with your phone, make sure your subject is well lit. If you’re indoors, the photography rule of keeping the light to your back is just as important. Light behind your subject will only darken the image. And regardless of how good your lighting is, also make sure you hold your phone steady. The slightest shake could blur your image, and ruin what would have been the perfect picture. Some camera apps also aim to help counteract the effect of shaking.

Tweak the Color Levels

While some cameras (like NOTE 11P, incidentally, my phone) have pretty good color, others (like the Droid—which is also) really don’t. If adjusting the white balance and flash still don’t get you the best results, tweaking the color levels in the photo can definitely make a difference.

Again, not every tip is applicable in every situation or with every camera. It’ll take a little bit of experimentation on your part to find what works best for you, but these should help point you in the direction of better pictures.

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