Xiaomi 9 review: poverty limits imagination

Xiaomi 9 review: poverty limits imagination


Xiaomi 9 is a 6.39-inch mobile phone. With its claimed 90.7% high screen ratio water drop screen design, the overall is a medium-sized mobile phone. If it is barely a bit, boys can still operate with one hand. The transition between the metal middle frame and the full curved surface is smooth, so it is very comfortable to hold in your hand. The holographic illusion purple matching color borrowed by the editor is the rarest among the three listed in Hong Kong. The light purple glass back will refract the three primary colors of light with different light angles. Visually, this design is lower-key than the gradient body that currently floods the market, but retains a gorgeous feel. It is a pity that the glass body is still a powerful “fingerprint collector”; I just thought that it could be solved by putting a protective cover on the packaged equipment. What I never expected was that this plastic cover was also “absorbent”, and it was even more Dark gray, completely covering the back of the design. In the end, I had to wipe the phone diligently to keep it clean.

Another element that disrupts the design of the back of the machine is that Xiaomi put a set of three-camera modules in the upper right corner with a sense of presence, saying that stainless steel is used to protect the camera, but it does not take care of beauty. In actual use, it will lift up a large piece, even if a protective cover is installed, the back cannot be flattened. The most inexplicable thing about the editor is the camera that is closest to the outside, plus a circle of so-called angel eyes. It has neither practical effect nor looks good. Who came up with the design of this whole set of cameras? Applying what Lei Jun often said, it really makes Virgo uncomfortable.

In response to Google’s request, Xiaomi also added a dedicated AI button on the new phone. After pressing the button on the left side of the fuselage, the Hong Kong version of Xiaomi 9 will trigger the Google search function. In addition, you can also change the purpose of long-press and double-click on the settings page to add customization to this physical key. ; The other side of the phone is the volume button and power button, I believe it will not be wrong. Xiaomi 9 only has dual nano SIM card slots. As usual, it does not support memory card expansion. Hong Kong officials only have the version with 128GB storage space. If you have to consider this part, you should pay attention to it.

The sound effect has never been a bright spot on Xiaomi’s mobile phone, so it is not surprising that only a single-sided speaker at the bottom of the phone outputs, and the other side is just a good look. Under this full-screen trend, many mobile phone manufacturers have replaced the earpieces with sound components under the screen. Xiaomi is even more of a predecessor, but on the Xiaomi 9 you can still see the earpiece slits above the screen, but yet Without introducing the output of the dual speakers, it is really tasteless. The USB Type-C interface in the middle of the bottom of the machine supports its own 27W wired fast charging. On the top of the set is the rare infrared port that has been bought. It seems that Xiaomi users really love this remote control function.

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