How To Choose An iPhone Case?


Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our daily lives. We use them every day. If you don’t hold them securely, you will easily drop the phone to the ground, it will be easy to break, and to repair it costs money and wastes time. After most people buy an iPhone, they cherish it. After all, the price is quite expensive, so they will consider buying an iPhone case. For families with children, it is also very necessary to prepare a mobile phone case for the mobile phone. Purchasing a beautiful and practical phone case can not only protect the phone but also give us a good mood. The phone case can also reflect personal taste and so on. The iPhone cases on the market are made of different materials and styles. Many people don’t know which one to choose.

Most users, they basically don’t like to use a heavy phone case. The light and thin style can meet the basic aesthetic and wear resistance requirements. We need to analyze the characteristics of various iPhone cases and choose the most suitable iPhone case. First of all, we need to understand the materials used to make iPhone cases on the market. They are divided into the following categories, the main materials are plastic, silica gel, TPU, alloy, and mixed materials.

Plastic iPhone case, plastic is currently the most widely used material for making mobile phone cases in the market. In craftsmanship, the plastic mobile phone cases divide into frosted cases and polished cases. Generally, frosted cases will be made into ultra-thin styles, which feel better. Polished cases will be thicker than the frosted cases because they need to be painted.

The advantages of the plastic frosted cases: very thin, good in the hand, light in weight, and easy to use. Disadvantages: poor protection, no drop resistance, easy to get dirty, difficult to clean, and easy to wear.

The advantages of the plastic polished cases: strong protection, fall resistance, not easy to turn dirty, easy to clean, good-looking appearance. Disadvantages: Easy to scratch, because it is relatively smooth, not easy to take.

Silicone iPhone case, it’s important to understand the raw materials of the silicone cases. Different quality silicones give people different experiences. The price of good silicone and poor silicone is very different. Generally speaking, it is like those exported to foreign countries, especially in countries with stricter product quality requirements such as Japan, the raw materials must be environmentally friendly silica gel and degradable. The common way to identify the quality of silicone mobile phone cases is to smell the smell. Good silicone mobile phone cases have a milder smell, and some have a fragrance.

The advantages of silicone mobile phone cases: good protection, fall resistance, good hand feeling, easy to access, not easy to wear. Disadvantages: a little thick, easy to stick to dust, heat dissipation is not strong, it is recommended not to use in summer. Supplement: Generally, use alcohol to clean the silica gel to easily remove the dust.

TPU iPhone case, TPU is a plastic material that can be repeatedly softened or changed under a certain degree of heat, also known as soft plastic. Because this kind of raw material is good in quality and low in price, it is also used by many manufacturers to make mobile phone cases. The phone case made of TPU is very light, and you can’t even feel its weight when you hold it in your hand. The soft TPU material is used, and the surface is frosted, which is waterproof and stain-resistant, and it is not easy to get fingerprints. At the same time, the translucent hazy feeling can show the original color of the phone.

The advantages of TPU mobile phone case: cheap price, good protection, fall resistance, good hand feeling, easy to access, not easy to wear. Disadvantages: It will start to turn yellow after half a year (a common problem with TPU material). It is a bit thick, not strong in heat dissipation, and not strong in personality. At the same time, this kind of pattern cannot be made into some personality, so the color is relatively monotonous and mainly pure color.

Alloy iPhone case is generally made of stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc. as the main materials. Advantages: The appearance looks more textured, individualized, anti-falling, not easy to wear, and less easy to get dirty, and it is easier to clean. Disadvantages: easy to scratch the machine, heavyweight, difficult to disassemble.

Material is mixed into an iPhone case, which is generally made of plastic and silica gel, or metal and silica gel. Apple Inc.’s original mobile phone case is a product made of plastic and silicone. The advantage is that it has good protection and can be made into very personalized iPhone protective cases, which are easy to disassemble and clean.

The above content introduces the mobile phone cases made of various materials. Each material also has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose a mobile phone case that suits you according to your hobbies and ideas. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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