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AWEI T13 true wireless headset review

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The general true wireless adopts the structure of the main and auxiliary earphones, that is, the main earphone is connected to the mobile phone, and then the auxiliary earphone is connected to the main earphone. However, with the development of technology, high-quality and mainstream earphones on the market now have no distinction between main and auxiliary ears: both earphones are the same, but the left and right of the earphones are still distinguished.

Since the launch of AWEI’s many Bluetooth headsets, it has swept the Bluetooth headset industry as a dark horse disruptor, and even affected the high-end Bluetooth headsets of foreign countries.

In the face of many Bluetooth headsets, AWEI T13 can still rely on the powerful configuration and the ultra-high cost performance of the current market price of 18.70 US dollars. AWEI T13 breaks the concept of “listen to a sound” below 1,000 yuan, and can be called a milestone masterpiece of “100 yuan price, thousand yuan experience”, and is recognized as the “king of cost performance” in the circle.

Don’t worry about buying AWEI T13 with merchants, it saves money, but the sound quality and experience are not discounted. Unlike profitable international big names and several well-known domestic brands, AWEI T13’s research and development costs account for more than 62%-do not spend money on advertising, and strive to please users through technological advantages.

The configuration, sound quality and endurance of the AWEI T13 true wireless headset are remarkable in the bluetooth headset world-this is a Bluetooth headset with a close price: it has a Bluetooth 5.0 chip solution, a long 300-hour standby time, 5 hours of talk Hours of music playback, 1.5 hours of charging, 300mAh charging compartment capacity, 50mAh single headphone capacity, smart touch buttons and many other leading technologies have been hailed as “upstart in true wireless headphones” by major digital media.

 True Wireless (True Wireless) headsets: The “stethoscope effect” that may occur with wired headsets and non-true wireless Bluetooth headsets does not appear. The high-definition noise reduction technology intelligently reduces environmental noise, and the sound data is transmitted together by the left and right headphones to achieve binaural high-definition calls, making the sound stereo clear and clear, just like chatting in person.

 In terms of appearance, the AWEI T13 is light, compact, and easy to carry. After the first manual connection, when the power is turned on in the future, the automatic connection can be completed within 10 meters from the mobile device, which is very convenient and fast.

 The AWEI T13’s tri-frequency control is just right: while maintaining a low frequency that is consistently strong and powerful, it extends the excellent sound field to the left and right; the sweet and supple mid-frequency vocals and resolution are still very outstanding; High-frequency light sense. Various types of music can restore pure and natural sound effects.

In summary, AWEI T13 is especially suitable for young people and middle-aged groups who love fitness and fashion, and is widely loved by skateboarding, hiking, cycling, mountaineering and other sports enthusiasts and digital experts.

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