Haylou GT2 wireless headphones Review

Haylou GT2 wireless headphones Review

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In this review, I will compare the Haylou GT2 headphones with the Haylou GT1 headphones, and discuss their sound quality, manufacturing quality and my opinion on how close to buy between the two.

Sound quality

Like the previous GT1, the sound quality of the GT2 has reached an incredible balance. The bass of these headphones is convincing, but not enough to drown the midrange or treble. They do a good job in hip hop and rap. Now, I am not saying that the bass is impressive, but it is very good for the price and definitely one of the best in its price range. One of the main differences between GT2 and GT1 is that the maximums in Haylou GT2 appear to be more obvious and clear. Also, in GT2, the midrange sounds a little clearer, but not much. The treble of the GT1 sounds a bit murky and is not the best option for rock or electronic music. On the other hand, I think that GT2 will be better in this kind of sounds than GT1.

Unfortunately, like the GT1, the volume of these headphones is very quiet. You will have to increase the volume of these products to achieve the desired volume. I have to put them at 70% -80% of the volume. For me, this is not a big problem, but it requires attention.


The battery in the GT2 headset is the same as the battery life of the GT1 (3.5-4 hours), the only difference is that compared to the GT1, the phone case can give you an additional full charge. I hope they can improve the battery in the headset by themselves, but not bad.


The design of the GT2 housing is very different from the design of the GT1, because the new housing no longer uses an outer cover on the top. If you think the magnets will weaken over time, or lint and other crap will accumulate in the box, you may be worried. However, what I mean is that removing the headphones from the headphones case is much more difficult than the GT1. With GT1 you can get them out of there, but with them you have to dig deep to get them out. Even without coverage, they seem safer than GT1.

Also, the case is taller and longer than the GT1, and it certainly feels a bit heavy.

Charging cable

According to its website, the case comes with a non-removable USB Type-C cable. I think two things can be problematic. The first is that the cable is not very long. The available cable length that comes with the chassis is approximately 2.6 inches (6.60 cm). Actually, you can only charge your laptop from near. Since you cannot disconnect the cable, you can no longer charge it if something fails with the cable. This is a very important risk factor, and there are some factors to consider when considering a purchase.

Build quality

The quality of the headphones itself is better than the GT1. They are not as cheap as GT1, they feel better in the ears and they look better. One of the key differences is that they have no tactile controls. They use the real buttons that you have to press. If you are upgrading from GT1, it may take some time to get used to it. Getting controls can be a bit difficult and not as easy and fast as GT1, but you’ll get used to it. The GT2 buttons are not very sensitive, and you have to press harder to press them, which means that lying on your side with your body on the pillow will not stop the music.


They began cutting at a distance of approximately 35 feet (10.67 meters), without walls or obstacles, the same as the GT1. Exactly as shown in the ad.


For some, this may be the biggest problem. According to the specification page provided by Haylou, the GT2 codec is SBC and the GT1 codec is AAC. This can be important for enthusiasts, so keep that in mind.

Final thoughts

If you insist on buying GT2 or GT1, I think you should buy GT1.

Advantages of GT2: treble sounds better, midrange sounds better; GT2 uses physical buttons instead of touch controls, which can sometimes be reached in this price range; The battery in the battery box is better.

However, you must take into account the negative effects of GT2: the low point has not changed; The charging case will force you to use your pre-installed USB Type-C cable, which means that if you disconnect in the future, you will have to find a replacement box or buy a new one. Carrying case The pre-installed cable is very short, which means you may need a computer to charge it; The charging case is slightly larger than the GT1 charging case.

In general, these headphones are worth it. If you have any questions about this, let me know.

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