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A spare machine is self-cultivation Redmi 8A Reviews


For a mobile phone that sells for a few hundred dollars, it seems that it is easily overlooked in the consumption upgrade, and it is often labeled as “backup machine” and “senior machine”. Although many people do not recognize it, this is the case. Therefore, it is obviously out of place for young people to stay close to the big battery, and it will continue to be long battery life, excellent quality, high volume, etc. Just as Redmi released the Redmi 8 series this month, the protagonist of this article is Redmi 8A.


As a hundred yuan machine, Redmi 8A makes the mobile phone have a certain sense of design as much as possible, whether it is mobile phone material, configuration or feel.

The front of the Redmi 8A is a 6.22-inch drop screen, HD+ resolution. It is a little far-fetched to pursue the fineness of the screen here. The 270PPI can only be said to be barely enough. The sun screen, the luminous screen and the eye protection mode are basically supported.

Redmi 8A has three colors: black night, deep sea blue and coral orange. The color of the latter two is very bright and beautiful. The notes are suitable for young people to use as a backup machine. If you buy the old man, you can buy black.

The design of the back is still prominent in the 100 yuan machine. The central axis is symmetrical + 3D curved surface. The recognition and feel are sufficient at this price, and the back of the fuselage in the deep sea blue color is not smooth, but has a layer of texture. So it is not easy to slip from the hand in your hand, and it can also avoid fingerprinting.

In order to cater to the elderly, the Redmi 8A is equipped with a super-linear speaker, which has a large volume of 0810 earpieces, and has a better experience for the elderly in operations such as talking and putting. Moreover, Redmi 8A also deliberately added the FM radio function.

The Redmi 8A surface covers Corning’s fifth-generation gorilla glass, which is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. At the same time, Redmi 8A uses nano-coating to support life splashing, but it does not support waterproofing.

Take a photo

For camera, Redmi 8A is equipped with a 12-megapixel AI rear camera, single camera, support PDAF phase focus, automatic HDR, AI scene recognition and face unlocking; front 8 million pixels, support AI portrait mode, background blur And AI smart beauty and so on.

For the current smart phones, the camera configuration such as the Redmi 8A is basically the most basic. It really can’t be saved anymore, so the imaging requirements for the Redmi 8A camera can’t be too much.

The above is the daytime proof of Redmi 8A, 12 million pixels is actually enough in the details of the picture, even if many of the current 48 million pixel mobile phone is usually used in the four-in-one 12 million pixels.

Redmi 8A is not bad in the AI ​​scene recognition, no matter the details or saturation of the picture, but due to the screen, the photos of Redmi 8A always feel foggy, and the picture can be enlarged to play 12 million pixels. Advantage”.

Moreover, even with automatic HDR, the reverse performance of the Redmi 8A is not excellent, the overall brightness of the picture is not high, and the detail loss is serious.

Snapdragon 439+5000mAh battery

The Redmi 8A uses the same Snapdragon 439 processor as the Redmi 8, and the performance is no longer low, but the power consumption is excellent, which will lead to better battery life.

Here to talk about the positioning of the Redmi digital series, the normal logic is that the Redmi 8 series is an upgraded version of the Redmi 7 series, but the Redmi 8 series configuration is lower than the Redmi 7, and the price is lower than the Redmi 7, the more upgraded There are not many such operations.

Xiaolong 439 is a good “low-power processor”, but it is not good performance, but as a backup machine or an old man, this should not be a big problem, because compared to playing games, the mobile phone is positioned like this. Undoubtedly more important.

Redmi obviously thinks so, so it is equipped with a 5000mAh large battery, the thickness of the fuselage has come to 9.4mm, but the weight is controlled at 188g, the whole machine is not very bulky.

And 5000mAh for a low-power processor and HD resolution screen mobile phone, meaning long battery life, so it is very suitable as a backup machine. Redmi 8A supports 18W fast charge, and uses Type-C port, but the standard is 10W charging head. If you want 18W fast charge, you need to purchase the charging head separately, God operates.

Currently, the Redmi 8A is equipped with MIUI 10.3.4 based on Android 9. Later, it can be upgraded to MIUI11. At that time, it will add children’s space and family protection.

Qualified backup machine

Redmi 8A all configuration and trade-offs are obviously directed at the beginning of the positioning, and the points are very accurate, placed in the bag in the state of the screen for several days or even a week to open there is electricity, in some emergency situations If the mobile phone has no power, it is very urgent. For example, if you make a call, call a car or navigate, you can use it for the elderly at home. At least, you don’t have to worry about charging every day without playing games.

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