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Honor Band 5 comprehensive reviews: versatile intelligent bracelet


Lead: With the “Band” wearable device that focuses on fitness, Glory has gradually replaced Fitbit, becoming the preferred choice for “cost-effective” wearable devices. It can be said that last year’s Honor Band 4 won a beautiful “home run.”

This year, the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet is priced at $30.99, which is a bit ridiculously low, which greatly weakens the advantages of Fitbit wearables. Looking at the current market, the Honor Band 5 is one of the most affordable fitness trackers on the market. From the perspective of cost performance, it is hard to imagine how Fitbit can use it to fight back glory. After all, the cheapest device in its product line, Fitbit Inspire, has a retail price of 538 yuan, and it doesn’t even have it. Heart rate tracking.

Seeing that the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet is so cheap, some users may wonder if it is fully functional. Here, Xiaobian can tell you responsibly that the Honor Band 5 is definitely worth the money and is more functional than you can imagine.

First impression:

The Honor Band 5 is a feature-rich fitness tracker that sells for less than half the price of the cheapest Fitbit wearables.

The main body of the HonorBand 5 has a very slight curvature and features a stylish round Home button at the bottom of the screen. In general, Honor Band 5 gives the impression of a purpose-built fitness tracker that knows exactly what to do and doesn’t look too awkward.

However, the Home button on the Honor Band 5 has no physical physical clicks and can’t be used as an LED indicator – this is not in line with the original expectations of Xiaobian.

Although Xiaobian really likes some of Fitbit’s products, I think Fitbit’s products are somewhat uniform and even cheesy.

The shape of the HonorBand 5 bracelet looks exactly the same as its predecessor, the Honor Band 4—that is, it doesn’t look too different from its predecessor. However, this is not a big problem. After all, the design of the Honor smart bracelet has always been loved by users.

The HonorBand 5’s strap features a single-fork strap buckle for a smooth, skin-friendly feel and a textured front, which is more personal than an ordinary strap. At the same time, the Honor Band 5 has 17 adjustment holes (which are so many), which means that the fitness tracker can easily adapt to a range of wrist sizes after opening the box.

Honor Band 5 – Screen

As far as the Honor Band 5 is so cheap, even if it is equipped with an OLED display, we are acceptable. After all, the Honor Band 4 is equipped with an OLED display, and it was twice as expensive as the Honor Band 5 when it debuted. Surprisingly, however, Honor Band 5 is actually an AMOLED display.

The HonorBand 5 Smart Bracelet features a vibrant, slightly curved 0.95-inch 2.5D screen that performs well in direct sunlight and is easy to read. It can be said that the Honor Band 5 display is the most compact display I have ever seen on wearable devices. Considering that the Honor Band 5 screen itself is very small in size, any pixelation is not noticed by the human eye, but this does not mean that you will have difficulty reading text and information through its screen.

Admittedly, some surfaces may be designed for people who are more sensitive than my vision, but I only need to change to a different style of surface to get all the information I need. Having said that, Xiao Bian has to say that Glory has made great progress in providing more kinds of surfaces this time – although it does not seem like this at first.

When we evaluated Honor Band 4, we found that it has only a few three surfaces to choose from. This little trouble seems to be repeated in Honor Band 5, but fortunately, the update after a few days provided us with dozens of A new surface option to choose from.

The physical buttons are not included in HonorBand 5, so the touch screen is your primary way to interact with your device. If you’ve ever experienced the Apple Watch Series 5 or the recent Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch, don’t expect Honor Band 5 to match the fluency of the scrolling menu.

For a fitness tracker that costs less than $200, we shouldn’t have too much hope for Honor Band 5. However, during the use of Xiaobian, Honor Band 5’s touch screen response is still very sensitive, it always responds to my touch, the performance is still quite reliable, and this reliability is in other cheap devices. There is a lack of it.

Honor Band 5 – Performance and Features

It turns out that although the price of the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet is particularly low, its performance is not inferior and the operation is smooth. Whether scrolling through the menu or waking up the screen from sleep mode, the interaction delay between Honor Band 5 and me is very small.

Receiving instant notifications in Honor Band 5 is very simple, but when I return to the “Messages” section to see previously appeared messages and subsequent recorded messages, I did encounter a significant slowdown. However, after waiting annoying for a few seconds, I can read the notification message normally.

HonorBand 5 has a heart rate tracking function, and a recent update will allow you to detect the oxygen content in your blood, referred to as SpO2 (blood oxygen content). Although the frequency of my SpO2 function is far less than that of heart rate tracking, it is still a popular supplement that can really help athletes understand the importance of proper breathing during exercise.

The HonorBand 5 bracelet is waterproof and can be used at a depth of 50 meters. You don’t have to worry about wearing it in the rain, it can damage it, even in a quick shower.

However, the really interesting feature in Honor Band 5 is the “Huawei Trusleep” tracking feature, which lets you quickly look at your wrist in the morning to know how much you sleep, and open the Honor Health app to see the details of your circadian rhythm. Analysis, and what it means for your current state of mind, is another matter.

For example, the sleep tracking record shows that I wake up quite often throughout the night and hint that I might have drunk too much water before going to bed. So I decided to follow the app’s advice and immediately found that I had a deeper sleep result. I was really surprised to get such practical advice from such an affordable technology product.

The only regret is that Honor Band 5 does not support mobile payments. Honor Band 4 used to use the QR code system for payment, but its usefulness has been questioned. Therefore, it is reasonable to remove this feature from Honor Band 5.

Honor Band 5 – Health and Fitness Tracking

As a smart bracelet with such a low price, how does the Honor Band 5’s fitness tracking function perform? Is it enough to compete directly with competitors in the market? The answer is yes.

If your preferred workout is running/walking, then Xiaobian can safely recommend you buy the Honor Band 5 bracelet instead of some of the more expensive ones. From the distance, Honor Band 5 records the results of outdoor sports is very accurate, it can also detect your heart rate during running, which allows you to slow down the running speed in a timely manner.

HonorBand 5 even has a handy sound (available through the Honor Health app) that lets you know when you have reached a milestone – even if it does make me scare when I go home for a walk at night .

HonorBand 5 itself can track nine sports, including boating, cross-training and indoor cycling. Surprisingly, outdoor bike tracking can only be activated through the app, which is a mystery.

Speaking of the Honor Health app, in addition to providing a very detailed chart after the workout, there is also a section that offers a free training program. Most notably, there are special training programs, starting from 5 kilometers and continuing through the marathon. These plans are freely included in the app, and I can’t think of any better fitness tracker that is more suitable for budget runners than Honor Band 5.

Of course, in view of such low prices, Honor Band 5 does not support unconstrained global positioning systems. When connected to your smartphone, the strap GPS tracking works very well, and there is no trouble during the small series.

Honor Band 5 – Battery Life

Glory claims that the battery life of the Honor Band 5 after a single charge can reach 14 days. It has long been believed that the battery life of smart watches is usually poor, especially when smart watches are used as sleep trackers.

In the actual test of Xiaobian, I turned on the “smart” heart rate tracking function – dynamically adjust according to your situation, and exercise one or two times a day, and wear it all night to read my Sleep cycle. In such a heavy use, Honor Band 5’s battery life can last up to seven days, although it does not meet the standards promised by Glory, but its battery life is still longer than Fitbit Charge 3, and than most modern smart watches There are great improvements.

The charging stand included with the HonorBand 5 does a good job of fixing the device. This is a problem that I have repeatedly encountered on some of Fitbit’s wearable devices. Even if the fitness tracker is in the appropriate charging stand, it will be connected. The method is not correct and cannot be charged.

Is Honor Band 5 worth buying?

The HonorBand 5 is very cheap and versatile, including SpO2 tracking, a gorgeous AMOLED display and a very detailed sleep tracking program. It can be said that Honor Band 5 is a very good smart bracelet, small series push. (Finish)

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