Check out Xiaomi Minimalist Urban Backpack Reviews

Check out Xiaomi Minimalist Urban Backpack Reviews

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What do Mijia products sell? Is it just selling price? No, in addition to price, Mijia products also sell designs. Xiaomi Minimalist Urban Backpack is a minimalist design style backpack.

Daily computer commuting, handbags are really inconvenient, shoulder bags are really tired, and backpacks are too ugly. What should I do at this time? Perhaps Xiaomi’s minimalist urban backpack can give you another feeling. The design of the Xiaomi Minimalist Urban Backpack is very simple. The front side is divided into upper and lower parts with a zipper opening. There is a line of small characters in the upper left corner of the zipper opening, telling people that this is a minimalist design. In addition, this backpack has rigid paper to support the shape, whether it is carried or placed on a daily basis, it can maintain a boxy shape, and it will not soften, which is praised.

In addition to the minimalist design, the inner bag design is the essence. First of all, there are side pull bags on both sides of the front of the bag. One side is a waterproof bag that can conveniently place an umbrella, and the other is a compound bag containing an eye bag. Plus a bag in front, this backpack Very convenient for daily use.

There are many bags outside and the space inside is not small. The main interior space is divided into three parts. One part is a pocket for holding some items close to the front bread wall, and the other is a computer, ipad bag, and magic fixed stickers that are close to the back bread wall. In the middle, the space is vacant. The daily commute is okay.

Overall, it is a very useful commuter bag, except that it is not waterproof! Everyone must pay attention to this.

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