Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Vacuum Cleaner

XiaoMi Roborock S50, the smartest vacuum cleaner


The incredible navigation capabilities allow cleaning, and you can buy the most powerful vacuum cleaners with this budget. Alexa support is now also available in Europe.

Continent. But think about it, it might be better to buy two cheaper devices.

The Roborock S50 XiaoMi is one of the most powerful robotic vacuum cleaners on the market with an advanced navigation system for selective cleaning. Retail price is 400

Is the dollar reasonable?

We have seen XiaoMi Xiaowa E20 robot before, which left a deep impression. So what makes the Roborock S50 different? Let’s take a closer look at this

At the end of the review, we have a gift that can be given to a lucky reader.

Specifications and design

In the box you will find:

Roborock S50 and charging station.
Water tank and two mop pads.
Replacement filter.
Cleaning brush.

The device weighs approximately 3.56 kg (7.84 lbs). It has a disc shape of 6 cm high and 34 cm in diameter; A sensor 2 cm high and 7.5 cm in diameter protrudes from the top.

The large cushion wheel allows you to travel on objects up to 2 cm, so you can easily move around the carpet and lean slightly. The mixing bar has a hybrid design that includes a rubber sheet and a brush to work well both on the carpet and on the hard surface.

On paper, the specifications are:

2000pA suction.
Capacity of the 500 ml powder box.
150 minutes of operation.
Noise level of 60dB.
5200mAh battery.

The most significant difference compared to the other models I tried was the 2000 pA suction. This is double the size of the iRobot Roomba 960, approximately the same as Dyson’s 360 Eye (twice the price). Combined with a large 5200mAh battery, the Roborock S50 is really suitable for large family homes. At maximum power, it can become very strong, but not enough

Block the dialogue

Laser distance sensor (LDS)

The most advanced technology I see in robot vacuum cleaners, the Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) is the large disk protrusion in the upper part of the vacuum. When in use, this laser sensor rotates continuously, allowing the device to instantly see the world around it in 360 degrees. This translates into a quick and accurate description of their surroundings.

The first generation of robotic vacuum cleaners was only used to avoid obstacles. They walked in a straight line until they hit something and then moved away at a random angle. Somehow, they have done their job, but they are not particularly effective for larger spaces and often get stuck or run out of batteries before reinstalling them in the base. The second generation model has better road planning for a more organized cleaning with basic advance distance sensors. Gradually, they can map the routes they use, but this is a basic explanation that takes a long time to generate when the device moves, and is not reliable enough to be used for anything other than the report.

The Roborock S50 is the third generation device that I defined. Because the Roborock map is so fast and accurate, it can be used for both smart autonomous navigation and users.

Remote control. Finally, you can tell the device exactly where it is being cleaned.

Partition cleaning and persistent mapping

The first surprising feature of the advanced LDS navigation system is the cleanliness of the area. Once the map is built, you can click and drag it to define the areas to be cleaned again and, optionally, specify the number of times these actions are performed. This is a one-time event, it is not a specific room and it does not save the area after the cleaning has been completed. This can be especially useful, if there is something dirtier, you really want it to come back and do it, or if your child has just made a mess. You can also use it if you remove the robot from the charging station.

The partition is clean; you just need to have the opportunity to build the map first.

Other features

Like the smaller baby doll model, Roborock includes a wet mop attachment that is fastened underneath. Two cleaning pads are provided. The purpose of this feature depends on your situation.

Remember, it’s really just a wet mop, not a steam cleaner, so it does not eliminate serious stains.

Should you buy a Roborock S50?

At this point, the robot vacuum cleaner really impressed me. Most of them are only different in price, and only change in the same core function. In fact, we often reject requests for review of universal robotic vacuum cleaners that do not provide any new features.

Roborock is the first truly smart device with incredible navigation for partition cleaning and software-defined exclusion zones. If you live in the public

In a house or bungalow, only a long-lasting map feature can make it a valuable upgrade.

If you might move Roborock around, it’s still one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the different floors of your house. Turn on carpet detection, which absorbs more dirt than other models while conserving battery power on hard surfaces. But I’m not sure if I will recommend it separately: convenience is the greater benefit of robotic vacuum,

It might be better to buy two cheaper devices. In the end, even the most basic upright vacuum cleaners, there is still no robot vacuum that can compete on the original power.

Dust collector. For deep carpets, the robot vacuum does not cut it.

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