Eleven steps to choose good car accessories


Auto parts products to buy any good method? How to choose the most appropriate cost-effective automotive parts, where you recommend the following tips to help you choose the best auto parts:
1, see trademarks are complete
Authentic good quality auto parts packaging. Writing clear on the box. Overprint and bright colors. Box. Bags. Shall be marked with the product name. Standard models. Quantity. Registered trademark. Make the site and phone number and so on. Some manufacturers are still playing their parts on the marker. some of the important components such as generators. distributor. pump and so on. comes with instructions. Chapter certificate and inspectors. to guide users to the proper use of maintenance. purchase should be carefully considered clear. to prevent the buying of fake and shoddy products.(cute car accessories)

2, to see whether the deformed geometry
Some auto parts for manufacturing. Transportation. Stored improperly. Easy to produce deformation. Check. Can scroll around the glass along the shaft. Look at the parts and fit glass to determine whether the bending or without light leak, buy the clutch from moving plate steel or friction moment. can be steel. friction plate is held in front of us to observe the warping, the purchase of oil seal. with a skeleton should be positive circular seal face. can fit torsion with flat glass Qu, no skeleton oil seal outer edge should be straight. by hand to shape. should be able to let go after the restitution. in the purchase of various types of padding time. should also be careful to check the geometric size and shape.
3, to see whether the formation of binding sites
Auto parts in the handling. Storage process. Due to vibration. Bump. Often glitches in the binding site. Indentation. Breakage or cracks. Of parts used. Look out checks.
4, to see whether parts of the surface corrosion
Qualified parts surface. Has some accuracy there burnished finish. The more important parts. The higher the precision. Packed rust and corrosion more stringent. Look out checks. If it is found parts have corroded spots. mildew spots or cracked rubber parts. loses its elasticity. or journal surface was turning tool lines. should be exchanged.(Car Accessories)

5 to see the surface is intact protective
Most of the parts in the factory are coated with protective layers. If the piston pin. Bearing paraffin protection, piston rings. Liner coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper, valve. Piston dip package with a plastic bag after the anti-rust oil. If it is found when purchasing gland damage. wrappings lost. antirust oil or paraffin loss. should be returned.
6, look for loose parts bonding
By the combination of two or more parts into the parts. By press-fit between the parts. Gluing or welding. They allowed between loosening. If plunger and adjustable arms by combination of press-fit, Yi and steel clutch combination is riveting. friction plate and steel is riveted or glued, the paper filter is the filter frame and filter paper glued together, the electrical equipment is welded thread . When you purchase, if found loose. should be exchanged.(GPS Navigation)

7, to see whether the flexible rotating parts
Optional oil pump and other rotating parts assembly time. Rotate the shaft. Should feel well without catching and purchase rolling time. The primary support bearing inner ring. The other hand round and round the outer ring. Outer ring should be able to freely rotate quickly. Then gradually stopped. If the moving parts rotate is not working. that internal corrosion or deformation. Do not buy.
8, to see whether the lack of parts assembly parts
Assembly components must complete the formal integrity. To ensure the smooth assembly and normal operation. Some assembly parts if the leakage of individual small parts installed. Will. Assembly components can not work or even scrapped.
9, to see whether a clear sign the assembly.
To ensure that the assembly relation with pieces meet the technical requirements. In some parts (such as the timing gear) surface engraved with the assembly marks. If there is no mark or mark Mohu unrecognizable. Will very difficult for the assembly. Even pretended to be wrong.
10, see the mating surface for wear
If the part with the surface of the wear marks. Poke the surface of the paint or painted accessories found old paint. Are much more scrap pieces of camouflage. Then returned on request.(Car Parts)

11, to see whether the target surface hardness
Hardness of the surface with all the requirements. In determining the purchase and with the business after the business properly. Stubble off section hacksaw can be used to try program. Designated skid when no scratches. Shows high hardness, a little light after the mark scheme hardness, there are obvious signs of post-program. that hardness is low (note that when the test program not to damage the face.)

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