Colorfly C10 HiFi Music Player

Rainbowfly Colorfly C10 out of the box first experience


The player that focused on the rainbow was the C4 in 2010. At that time, both the fans and the major media evaluations were applauded. However, the price of more than 3,499 was really prohibitive, so there was no chance for me. It is still a legendary artifact. This year, Rainbow has launched a national color player, the Rainbow Colorfly C10. It seems that there are quite a few changes. The price is more than 2,499. It is cheaper than the C4, the volume is also reduced, it is more portable, and the appearance is more streamlined. So it also started a Early adopters, the following simple experience of opening the box:

Black box, very simple and simple, with good hardness and solid

Accessories include the colorful Colorfly C10 portable player, protective leather case, power adapter, screen film, brochure card.

Comes with a protective holster, very thick, there are also colorful Colorfly and product specifications logo on the back, leather seams are also tight, the colorful Colorfly C10 player is tightly placed inside, wearing a leather case display, control buttons The interfaces are all reserved and do not affect the operation at all.

The power adapter is the national standard. It is universal with the mobile phone. The voltage is 5V and the current is 2A. However, it seems that the line is different. The data line seems to be different from the mobile phone.

Interesting, all are small cards, pictures and texts, it is easy to understand, the HiFi Music Player, the actual operation is not difficult, according to the instructions card control is familiar.

The Colorful Colorfly C10 comes with a display, and a screen sticker is also attached.

C10 is actually similar to C4 in terms of overall appearance style design. The front and upper and lower side fuselage are made of metal and the back is made of wood. Relatively speaking, the details change greatly, the screen accounts for a larger proportion of the fuselage, almost in the middle of the waistline, the screen appears bigger and coordinated. Below are the return button, play/change button, up and down and left button and volume fader. The clarity of the screen is good. In addition, the C10 has recently been updated with new firmware. After the update, the menus and controls have changed, making it easier to look at. As shown in the figure, the song name, card status, power, song file information, etc. will be displayed during playback.

The back is a wooden shell design, a whole piece of rosewood, the pattern on which the carving is very beautiful, the waist line position and the ergonomic hand curve, plus the volume is much smaller than the C4 of the year, C4 can only be called brick, The C10 is truly portable, and the one-handed hand feels good.

Thickness control is better, less C4’s bloated and large, looks delicate, rosewood is still very textured, classical style is obvious.

When I first arrived, the firmware was not very good. The way the display was actually a bit outdated, but the new firmware changed greatly in the past two days. The control and display methods have been greatly improved, and it has become more reasonable and smooth. The buttons are relatively flat and the body. The sense of unity is stronger, the feel is good, the key stroke feels obvious feedback, the volume putter feels good, very smooth, and there is little resistance.

There is a protective film on the new screen, which affects the vision. It is best to tear off the film. Unfortunately, I am not a film BOY, and the sticker is not perfect.

The top is the earphone, LO jack and power / lock screen switch, are 3.5mm standard jack, usually put the C10 in the pocket of the trouser pocket and use it for easy plugging and unplugging.

The bottom is the USB socket, TF card slot and RESET button. It can be directly connected to the computer for file management. Another highlight of the new firmware is that the USB interface supports charging while playing the song. There are many other changes, everyone is interested. You can download and see the documentation in the estimate.

After starting the menu, it is very simple, a favorite TF card, the new firmware is very convenient to control, up and down selection, press the right button to enter the option, left button to return to the previous option, the songs that are usually played can also be collected, the next direct entry Favorites play,

The setting options for the new firmware are also in the form of menus. The options are very rich and the backlight brightness can be adjusted.

C10 supports the lossless format of the whole track and track, and supports the direct decoding of DSD128. The song can be played in the new directory or in the root directory.

The loss of the entire track can also be played.

The audio jack supports the three-stage pure music earphone. The four-stage type with the wheat is not fully inserted for normal use. It can be used as well. Add a adapter.

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