Xiaomi Mijia Roborock, the most popular vacuum cleaner in 2018

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Today, artificial intelligence has penetrated into every aspect of our daily lives. From smartphones to smart homes, we can solve most problems with just a few mobile phones. Our previous dream was to use robots instead of people to do housework and live a free and relaxed life. This dream has basically been realized. Cleaning the room is a time consuming and laborious task for many people. The emergence of sweeping robots has helped people alleviate a lot of burdens, but there are also many shortcomings and shortcomings in the early stages.Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 smart home vacuum cleaner 2 generation as the most popular robot in 2018, almost meets all the needs of sweeping robots.

Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Smart Home Vacuum Cleaner 2nd Generation---International Version

Xiaomi Mijia Roborock’s cleverness is beyond your imagination.

It consists of 13 high-end automatic sensor systems, which can plan cleaning routes according to the degree of pollution of the floor. You don’t have to worry about it being stopped by the furniture, or it falling from the stairs or the ledge. No need for the owner to monitor it at home, automatically clean the room without manual operation.Open your phone, you can control the robot more freely and make it to clean specific areas.

The small size and 96mm height make it easy to enter every corner and automatically clean the corners/positions under the furniture without leaving a blind spot. During the cleaning process, when the power is lower than 20%, it will automatically return to the charging stand. After the power reaches 80%, it will automatically return to the uncleaned area to continue working, avoiding the repeated cleaning.

What are the upgrades of the Roborock compared to the first generation of the Xiaomi Mijia Cleaner?

1. The biggest feature is the addition of the mopping function. It not only helps you clean the room but also cleans the floor. This powerful function completely liberates your hands. The mop + water tank module has a detachable design to meet the flexible needs of users.The mopping floor module is located at the rear of the dust suction module.It is equal to the main brush head, and then sweeps the floor and drags the ground to avoid the more dirty. The configuration of the water tank filter for connecting the water tank soaking mop has the advantages of fully maintaining the moisture content of the mop and filtering out impurities in the water to avoid blockage of the water outlet.
2. Roborock vacuum cleaner have improved in many details that affect the experience. The wheel suspension system is raised from 1.5cm to 2.0cm, and the obstacle resistance is enhanced. Except the original 12-type sensor, there is an omnidirectional pressure sensor above the LDS laser range sensor. To detect a slight collision and prevent the robot from getting stuck under the bed or sofa.
3. The maximum suction force of the Roborock vacuum cleaner is increased from 1800pa to 2000pa. And the dust box capacity is increased from 0.42L to 0.48L. It also adds the function of carpet pressurization, which can automatically identify the carpet. Open the maximum suction when cleaning the carpet, and automatically recover after leaving the carpet. In addition, it also added a zone cleaning, which two cleaning modes. The user can control the robot more freely through the mobile phone to clean specific areas.

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