Do you know the history of popcorn?

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Eating popcorn has always been a major snack for Americans. At least since the beginning of the 20th century, people have always liked to eat popcorn while watching sports and juggling. During the Second World War, popcorn became the only snack option to watch a movie due to sugar control. In the mid-1940s, the US popcorn industry and Hollywood movies reached an unprecedented peak, and popcorn also witnessed the brilliant moments of Hollywood movies. There are many people who like popcorn, but few people know the history of popcorn. We all know that it is machine made.
Today, the popcorn machine has been remodeled and updated, it has become smaller and smaller, only a small popcorn machine is needed, and each family can make this snack themselves, and this is cleaner and Cheaper than the popcorn purchased at the cinema. What are the common popcorn machines?

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The popcorn machine has been around for more than 4,000 years, but the method of making popcorn is relatively backward. An ancient method of making popcorn is to add corn kernels and stir the popcorn kernels while the sand is fully heated. Another method is to place the corn kernels on a hot bonfire. When popcorn shoots in all directions, people try to catch popcorn.
In 1885, Charles Cretors designed and built the first popcorn machine in Chicago, Illinois.
After success at the 1893 show, Charles Chris put his corn on the corn on the cob and made the world’s first mobile popcorn machine.
In the late 19th century, the British invented a new popcorn machine, but it was not popular in the UK. This cannon-like popcorn machine has been popular in China for more than 100 years and you can still see it today. This old-fashioned popcorn machine is actually a pressure vessel. Put corn kernels and sugar into the machine, place a black popcorn machine like a cannon on the stove, and then turn the popcorn machine by hand to evenly heat and soften the ingredients in the machine. After heating to the required pressure, stop heating, twist the popcorn machine to one side, open the lid and hear a loud noise, the high temperature and high pressure gas in the machine is sprayed together with the popcorn.So this snack is also known as the Explosively awesome Chinese popcorn.


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