Xiaomi Mijia series water spray mop makes cleaning a pleasure

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For most people, cleaning has always been a problem, especially for floor cleaning. When we use ordinary mops to clean the floor, we always need a bucket of water. It is very hard to take the bucket to where it is cleaned. Using ordinary mops to clean the floor, it is difficult to clean the bottom of the sofa, corners, etc. Our biggest headache is that you use ordinary mops to mop the floor, which can contaminate many stains and hair. Cleaning the mop is very laborious, and after the ground is over, the ground takes a long time to dry. Since the introduction of the Xiaomi series of electric cleaning tools, people’s troubles have been solved, and cleaning work is no longer difficult. Let’s take a look at the Mijia Deerma Sweeper water jet mop and the Miji SWDK-D260 wireless handheld electric floor wiper. What are the characteristics of these two products?

Xiaomi Mijia Deerma Sweeper Water Spray Mop
The mop weighs only 0.75Kg, which is equivalent to three apple weights and can even be used by children. It has a 360° rotating rod, a 3 cm mop head and a 1.2 m steel mop rod. It is easy to control and flexible enough to easily penetrate sofas, coffee tables and bed bottoms. Not only is it fast and efficient, but it can also be used to clean all types of floor surfaces such as ceramics, hardwoods, laminates and more. Its mop is made of carbon fiber lock cloth, which can quickly and easily eliminate the most stubborn dirt, grease and pigment in the hard-to-reach corners of the home.Xiaomi Mijia Deerma Sweeper Water Spray Mop
The most amazing thing is that it uses a polymer spray pump body, 0.1 second atomization, each effluent is strictly controlled at 1.7mL-2mL, only micro-humidity, with a 10mm thick mop, can be carried out immediately after drying. You don’t have to wait a long time for the floor to dry. Built-in 0.35L portable water tank, once added water, can clean 100 square meters. You can also adjust the mop lever to bring the pressure spray area to 95 cm. It has a large, clean surface that creates a fan-shaped, evenly painted area that helps save time.

Xiaomi Mijia Deerma Sweeper Water Spray Mop

Xiaomi Mijia SWDK-D260 wireless handheld electric floor wiper
Easy to use
The body is square and simple, suitable for the corner of the house. The LED light is installed in front of the main unit, and the handle can be opened by pressing the button to immediately remove the stain. The fan-shaped water sprayed from the main nozzle can evenly wet the ground, leaving no water stains after mopping the floor. The water spray distance is less than 10 cm and it is not easy to splash on the furniture. The ergonomic handle design allows you to easily control with one hand, without bending over, you will fall in love with today’s mopping floor.

Xiaomi Mijia SWDK-D260 Wireless Handheld Electric Floor Wiper Washers LED Light Built-in 2000mAh Battery with Mops DC 12V

High frequency reciprocating motion, thorough cleaning
Unique professional design, simulated hand rubbing the floor. The motor runs at high speed and the external moving plate is driven by the gearbox. The friction frequency can reach 1000 times per minute. The motor has no excess power consumption during the rotation process, and the noise is controlled at about 68 decibels.

Xiaomi Mijia SWDK-D260 Wireless Handheld Electric Floor Wiper Washers LED Light Built-in 2000mAh Battery with Mops DC 12V

Built-in large-capacity battery, clean and worry-free
There is no need to plug in the power cord while the machine is working. No matter where you go, it is more convenient. 2000mAh built-in lithium battery. It can be used continuously for 50 minutes and can be washed 3 times on 100 square meters.

Strong mop removes stubborn stains
The mop is made of high-quality materials with a terry ring that wraps annoying hair. At the high speed of the scrubber, the mop does not both lint nor wear the ground. 3 powerful rags to meet your different requires.


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