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With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, commonly used electrical appliances are developing at an unprecedented speed, with a wide variety and different styles. Since home electric appliances are often in contact with the human body, special attention should be paid to the safe use of home electric appliances. However, if it is used improperly, it will not only damage electrical appliances, but also cause various accidents such as electric shock, fire, and explosion, and cause harm to the human body.

When buying home electric appliances, you should buy certified qualified products and do not buy fake or inferior products. After purchasing, read the product manual carefully, pay attention to the voltage and power used, and should not exceed the allowable load of the household power socket, fuse, meter, and wire. Home electric appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, electric irons, and hair dryers require the use of three-hole power plugs and sockets with grounding wires to prevent leakage of electricity and hurt people.

Moisture-proof, generally speaking, home electric appliances don’t like humid environment the least. If home electric appliances are left in a humid environment for a long time, it will easily cause rust and corrosion of the shell of home electric appliances, reduce the insulation function, short-circuit the circuit, and cause its performance to decline. , The failure rate is high, which affects the service life of electrical appliances and even threatens personal safety. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture-proof and ventilation of the electrical appliances. The electrical appliances that have not been used for a long time are best to be dried with a fan or blower and stored in a sealed manner.

If home electric appliances are used in a high-temperature environment for a long time, they will accelerate the aging of electronic components and shorten their service life. Therefore, home electric appliances should be placed in a well-ventilated place. Usually, the working environment temperature should be kept between 5℃ and 40℃. If necessary, measures such as forced ventilation and cooling should be taken for home electric appliances. At the same time, attention should be paid to the heat dissipation space of home electric appliances to prevent the machine from malfunctioning or affecting its working effect due to poor heat dissipation.

Dust-proof and sweep dust, the inside of the computer host is a gathering place for dust, especially when there is no well-grounded socket, a large amount of dust is adsorbed in the case due to electrostatic dust collection. Therefore, friends with strong hands-on ability should clean up dust thoroughly with a small brush once every six months. Friends who do not know how to disassemble computers should also ask experts to help clean up. The motherboards of old-fashioned TV sets are most prone to dust, and must be removed in time. The shells of various electrical appliances also need to be wiped clean from time to time. You can gently wipe them with a semi-dry rag, and then dry with a dry cloth; pay special attention to not removing dust when the power is on, and not letting water drop into the inside of the appliance to avoid short circuit. It is best to put various remote controls in a transparent plastic bag before use, so as to avoid moisture and dust from entering. When the battery is used up, it should be replaced in time to avoid excessive discharge which may cause the liquid inside the battery to leak and corrode the remote control. If the remote control is not used for a long time, remove the dry battery in time and store it in a sealed container. Especially notebook computers are particularly afraid of humidity, heat, and dust. Due to their small size and limited internal space, sufficient heat dissipation must be ensured to ensure unobstructed ventilation holes to avoid dust accumulation.

Power off completely. Home electric appliances that have not been used for a long time should be completely unplugged and disconnected from the AC power supply. Even if many home electric appliances are powered off on the surface, such as using the remote control to turn off, pressing a touch key to turn off, etc., in fact, the power supply of the electrical appliances still works in the background silently, and it is not completely powered off. At this time, if there is a thunderstorm season, the high voltage of lightning can easily enter the room through outdoor wires, which will burn out the power supply of electrical appliances. If you completely unplug the power plug, you can completely avoid these situations.

Follow the steps in the manual to use home electric appliances correctly to prevent accidents. In addition, the use of home electric appliances has a lifespan, and necessary daily maintenance is required for home electric appliances to extend their service life.

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