Xiaomi launches new medical electronic thermometer

Xiaomi launches new medical electronic thermometer

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According to reliable news, today’s Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Jiu An Medical has brought an iHealth medical thermometer, which uses dual sensors and counts out in 30 seconds. It is now available on the Tomtop website for $ 19.99.

Generally, the temperature measurement time under the armpit is about 3-10 minutes, the waiting time is long, the posture is difficult to maintain, and errors are easy to occur. The iHealth medical electronic thermometer supports 30-second rapid measurement, which makes it easy to obtain body temperature values.

It adopts a dual sensor design, the main sensor has high thermal conductivity, short response time, and quickly collects body temperature values. Auxiliary sensor, real-time detection of body temperature changes, optimization algorithm model.

In addition, according to the change of the initial temperature climbing curve of different subjects, combined with the LPA algorithm model, the millisecond-level refresh, real-time measurement of body temperature data, and stable output of measurement results.

The iHealth medical thermometer can also effectively identify the jitter and drop during the measurement process, dynamically adjust the measurement results, eliminate invalid measurements, and only present true and stable measurement results, which is especially suitable for active babies.

After the measurement is over, the screen backlight is on, and a buzzer sounds according to the different measured temperature values. Reduce the hassle of reviewing or forgetting to read measurement results.

The iHealth medical thermometer has an 18g ultra-light body and comes with a protective cover to prevent probe damage and a replaceable button battery design.

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