Meizu EP52: Open the beautiful music world

Meizu EP52: Open the beautiful music world


The presence of headphones can keep the sound from expanding, so that the playback of the audio does not cause trouble to others, and it brings you your own music world. However, the headphones are not selected properly, it is easy to break, and it is not comfortable to wear. How can you enjoy the beautiful feeling brought by the beautiful music?

This Meizu EP52 headset may be a good choice for you. It uses a new streamlined memory design and introduces food-grade silicone material into the headset, making the softness and toughness of the wire a good balance, making it more stable to wear, more comfortable to fit and bringing a beautiful and comfortable Wearing experience. It makes you feel like there is no headset when you wear it everyday.

And it can not only bring you comfortable wearing experience, but also have good sound quality. Meizu EP52 has ultra-fine bio-fiber diaphragm, and is equipped with a unique Free-Edge diaphragm design, making the sound more layered, allowing you to hear more music details, even when used in sports, can also be mentioned The rhythm feels a bit of music.

As a Bluetooth headset, Meizu EP52 is equipped with a Hall control function based on the magnetic design. When the headset is not in use, it can be paused, played, and the call can be suspended just by pressing it together. Automatic shutdown after minutes. It is more power-saving and convenient to use, bringing you a more intimate use experience.

The Meizu EP52 also has superb battery life. Its battery capacity is up to 130mAh, and it uses low-power micro-power technology, so that the Meizu EP52 can play at least 8 hours of music to meet your all-day use. And it can stand up to 150 hours in standby mode and 700 hours in standby mode, so you don’t need to charge frequently and it is more convenient and convenient to use.

Choosing the right headphones can bring you a better music world. The moment you put on your headphones and turn on the music, you have a wonderful and exclusive music world.

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