Bluetooth headset Haylou GT1

High cost Bluetooth headset Haylou GT1 early experience

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Inadvertently found that Haylou, a xiaomi ecological chain brand, has released a new wireless Bluetooth headset-Haylou GT1. Try it in the early adopter mentality, and experience it from the three aspects of game use, function operation, and sound quality. Unexpected surprise.

The first thing you get when you get the headset is that it’s compact. From the headset to the charging case, it’s very compact. Coupled with the appearance of pure black frosted, the overall feel is very texture, it will not make people feel very small. The charging case is a magnetic-type clamshell charging case, which protects the headset firmly and does not fall out.

Entertainment use

I played a few chickens with earphones, and the sounds were pretty good. There was no obvious delay in the sound during the game, which did not affect my technical performance. It was smooth and stress-free. Wearing it on the bus to watch TV shows or movies, the sound and picture are still stable and synchronized, the sound insulation effect is good, and the lines of the characters in the play can be heard very clearly. The battery life is at a normal level. Basically, you can watch 1 or 2 movies on a full charge. The official introduction is that you can watch 6 movies with the charging box.
Functional operation

 This Haylou GT1 headset is quite worry-free to operate. It has common functions such as answering / hanging up calls, rejecting calls, playing / pausing music, and awakening the voice assistant. It is really amazing that it can switch up and down tracks. . You know, every time you hear a song you do n’t like, you have to take your phone out and press it, which is really inconvenient. Now you can cut songs by tapping directly on the headset twice. It can be said that lazy people listen to the Gospel of the Song Party ~

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