XIAOMI Hey+ Smart Bracelet

Xiaomi has a product on the line hey + black plus bracelet

Smart Device & Safety

Students who want to buy a smart bracelet, wait for the Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version to wait until the flowers are thanked, this month can not be sold or unknown. However, Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version is not without rivals, Xiaomi has a crowdfunding just launched a hey + black plus bracelet, this bracelet has almost all the functions of the Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version, support NFC, heart rate monitoring Only the shape is small, only 229 yuan, the most important thing is that you can buy now!

The Slogan of the black plus bracelet “is both a traffic card and a door card”, which tells the truth about supporting NFC, and the city traffic and door card simulation are not to mention. It uses a 0.95-inch AMOLED color touch screen and can also be linked to Mijia equipment. Support caller ID/rejection, message notification, motion detection. It has a water resistance of 50 meters and an 18-day long battery life.

The use of color screens allows the black plus bracelet to customize the dial and replace your favorite pictures for more personality. The black card bracelet’s work card/door card analog function supports unencrypted door cards with a frequency of 13.56MHZ, so not all access cards can be used. In addition, the black plus wristband also supports all-day optical heart rate detection, can record sleep data, record motion data, and has access to Mijia APP, and can also access the Internet through Xiaomi Bluetooth gateway, the function of Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version It has it

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