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Haylou GT1 true wireless Bluetooth headset experience, is it really worth starting?

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Today, in the TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset blowout, how to survive in the market of AirPods encroaching has become a compulsory course for every headset manufacturer. In China, there is nothing more sensitive to consumers than the price. Nothing is low. The price can’t be solved, if it is, then it will sell for 99 yuan. Today, Xiaobian’s product that everyone experiences is the Haylou GT1 from Xiaomi Ecological Chain.

Looking at this low-priced true wireless Bluetooth headset with a pre-sale price of only 99 yuan, can it bring us different surprises? The shape of Haylou GT1 is really shameful. As for what I don’t say, the weight of a single headphone 4g machine 30g makes the Haylou GT1 very small. It doesn’t feel the drag in the pocket, just wireless today. The portability challenge facing the headset case is no longer the size, but the thickness, especially in the summer.

If you can reduce the thickness of the AirPods headset box by half, I am afraid that Xiaobian will wake up when he dreams. The touch of frosted is not too cheap at the same time as controlling the cost. The earphone cover has a magnetic design, but it is limited to the one-handed opening and closing that cannot be elegant. The texture of magnetic is not particularly good compared to AirPods, but consider it. It’s less than 100, of course, choose to forgive it, after all, one point for the price of goods.

Open the lid is a two-capsule-like earphone unit. There is no design on the surface of the earphone. Of course, you can also design it as no money. The simple surface is still very durable. I don’t want to put a logo or a texture. I really like this. Modeling, take out the earphones to see the magnetic contacts, a single charge can achieve 3.5 hours of talk time, with a charging box can achieve 12 hours of battery life, from the hand to the present has not been charged.

On the one hand, it is because there is no need to worry about battery life. On the other hand, it is impossible to check the remaining power of the earphone box. The Haylou GT1 is equipped with a 7.2mm moving coil unit, which supports binaural stereo sound. Actually, the sound is not particularly clear, a bit boring. The bass is not thick enough, but overall it is worthy of this price and even some surprises in the vocal part, suitable for listening to some soothing music.

Wearing comfort is better than Xiaobian. I expect the in-ear headphones. Because the body is very light, the daily use has almost no pressure on the ears. As long as it is not tightly packed, it is okay to wear for a long time. Lying in bed at night. You should pay attention to wearing skills when you sleep, otherwise the stethoscope effect will be very obvious. In terms of function, Haylou GT1 supports tapping play and pause, double click on the previous song, and hit the voice assistant.

The recognition sensitivity is also better, but the in-ear headphones are not particularly comfortable for the ear canal, and the three-shot out-of-voice assistant has obvious delay, so I usually don’t use it. The Haylou GT1 Bluetooth version is 5.0, which supports the current mainstream. Take out the headset automatically connected, the link speed is measured on Android and IOS are very fast, and even better than my AirPods, of course, due to cost constraints, Xiaobian I do not expect Haylou GT1 to have infrared sensor, so it does not support Automatically paused.

I also found a problem in the actual use. When I took it out from the earphone box, I occasionally automatically played the music when I closed it. It is very likely that I accidentally touched the touch button when I was wearing it, so in actual It is still necessary to pay attention when using it. The most important upgrade of Bluetooth 5.0 is delay. This is also the most important point for everyone. The delay of the Haylou GT1 in the shooting test of the king’s glory and the exciting battlefield is not obvious.

The obvious delay is that when you click on various menu buttons in the game, and there is a slight delay in stimulating the sound recognition in the battlefield, the difference in some audio games such as Muse Dash is not particularly high, but in some delays. Extremely sensitive music games, such as my favorite Deemo, will not step on the beat, of course, this is also a common problem of all wireless Bluetooth headsets, so it is recommended to use wired headphones.

Overall experience, Haylou GT1 is beyond my expectations for a 99 yuan Bluetooth 5.0 headset, good sound quality and battery life, easy to take out the convenience of automatic connection, these have met my 2019 Bluetooth headset Basic needs, although accustomed to the texture of the AirPods open, I feel cheap when using the Haylou GT1, but I really can’t ignore the low price of 99 yuan, which is almost the lowest price of the current TWS, this for the student party Or people who pay attention to the ultimate price/performance ratio are undoubtedly very attractive.

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