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Games and photos are strong, feature-rich, and cost-effective to rival.

In 2017, Xiaomi released a new machine Xiaomi 6, and the founder of Xiaomi Company, Lei Jun, used the term “bucket machine” to describe that Xiaomi 6 has almost no short board and has comprehensive performance.

This word can also be used to describe redmi’s new machine redmi NOTE 8PRO. Compared with the previous generation, after enhancing the game and camera functions, redmi NOTE 8 PRO has become the most comprehensive “bucket machine” in the thousand yuan file.

From January of this year, Xiaomi’s red rice announced its brand independence and changed its name to redmi. So far, redmi has launched three new mobile phones: redmi NOTE 7 series, redmi K 20 series, redmi NOTE 8 series, this product update The speed is even faster than the Xiaomi main brand, and it seems to tell consumers that after Redmi’s independence, the new mobile phones are very good.

Redmi’s three new mainframes released this year are very clear. The first redmi NOTE 7 released by Redmi after independence, the second redmi K20, the leading edge technology, is the attempt of redmi to challenge the mid-to-high end market. The recently released redmi NOTE 8 focuses on full-featured features and outstanding game performance.

In the past, the red rice left the impression of users with high cost performance and good endurance. At the beginning of this year, after Xiao Wei, vice president of Xiaomi, took over redmi, a group of creative videos named “Small King Kong can live this episode” in each short The video platform fire, the information passed by the renamed redmi brand is: redmi mobile phone is not expensive, but the quality is absolutely good.


While emphasizing quality, redmi continues to enhance photos, games, etc., adding more self-timer features, more attractive colors, larger screen sizes, and redmi is aimed at the younger generation of young people. It can be seen from the color matching that redmi is completely different from the low end of Xiaomi’s main brand. Redmi is more like a 00 who likes to skate in the park. Zhang Yang, bold and avant-garde are their most obvious features.

Redmi NOTE 8 PRO has three colors of Fritillian white, electro-optic ash and ice jade. The back cover is made of super-machining technology. The ice jade version and the white mother-of-pearl version use diamond knives to engrave the cut surface texture. It is bright and dazzling. Under the light, the redmi NOTE 8PRO back cover will emit a rich color at different angles, but it is beautiful but not exaggerated. The measured mother-of-pearl white color will also give a marble texture and jade texture. The whole feeling of the mobile phone is very simple and pure.

The front of the Redmi Note 8 Pro features a 6.5-inch full screen with a resolution of 2340×1080, a 19.5:9 ratio, and a COF process with a screen ratio of 91.4%. It does not use the more popular full-screen solutions such as digging screens and lifting screens, but rather the more traditional water-dropping screens.

The screen of Redmi Note 8 Pro is very big. Lei Jun said on Weibo that the model has a screen ratio of 91.4%. Because the chin is small and the frame is narrow, it is the narrowest chin in the LTPS screen, only 4.2mm. The LTPS screen can effectively improve the screen operability due to the use of low-temperature polysilicon technology, and the PPI can reach more than 500. Mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 are used. The biggest advantage is that the thickness is thin, the weight is light, the power consumption is low, the color is more beautiful, and the display is clearer. At the same time, it can save space and reduce costs. In addition, according to the official website, Redmi Note 8 Pro passed the TUV Rheinland eye certification. Professional eye protection mode adjustments can be made between 32 and 256 levels.

Game performance

Redmi NOTE 8 PRO emphasizes game performance, mainly in “game core”, “game liquid cooling” and “game acceleration”.

The redmi NOTE 8PRO is equipped with MediaTek’s Helio G90T processing chip. In July this year, MediaTek officially released the Helio G series product line for the game. It started with two Helio G90 and G90T chips. The Helio G90T is the overclocking version of the former. Support for higher pixel camera and screen refresh rate.

In the chip market of high-end models, MediaTek has been difficult to talk about competitiveness, but in the low-end market, MediaTek still performs well. According to the official exposure data of MediaTek, the CPU and GPU performance of Helio G90T are ahead of Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, and Snapdragon 730 is the mid-range chip that Qualcomm launched this year to target the game market. It shows that the Helio G90T game has good strength.

Redmi Note 8 Pro is equipped with a separate liquid cooling system, which is a configuration that is generally available in higher-priced gaming phones. According to Xiaomi’s official data, this independent liquid cooling system will achieve a cooling effect of 4-6 degrees Celsius. The liquid cooling system is a common phase change heat dissipation scheme for game mobile phones. By absorbing and releasing heat through gas and liquid form conversion, the heat in the heat source area can be quickly dispersed.

In February of this year, Xiaomi added the Game Turbo game acceleration function to the MIUI system for the first time. Players can choose to open the “Game Toolbox”, “Performance Enhancement”, “Incoming Call Pickup Automatic Handsfree”, “Anti-missing” and other functions. You can also set a separate enhancement for a game. Take the glory of the king as an example. The settings can be more personalized to the phone’s “handle”, “continuous click sensitivity”, “edge suppression range” and “display enhancement”. , professional settings, in the actual measurement, you can clearly feel the enhancement of the game experience.

Using the actual data of the Antu Bunny, the data of the redmi NOTE 8 PRO is ranked 38, which is higher than the redmiK20 released by Redmi in the middle of the year, and the popular models such as Huawei P20 and vivo Z5, which are lower than Huawei. Nova 5 and Huawei Nova 5i, in the strong as Lin’s running score evaluation list, as the thousand yuan file redmi NOTE 8PRO running score ranking has been considered excellent.

The measured experience opens the three popular games of King Glory, Peace Elite, and QQ Speed. The overall experience is: play and play.

In the peace elite screen setting, the picture quality can be adjusted to HDR HD, and the frame number setting can be adjusted to super high. In the first game, the frame rate can be stabilized at about 35 frames. As the game continues, the frame rate will drop slightly, but it will stabilize at around 40 frames.

The process of the glory experience of the king is higher, the picture quality can be adjusted to the highest, and the high frame rate mode can be turned on. After three consecutive games, there will be two or three slight stagnations in the fourth game, which will not affect the overall experience. It is worth mentioning that the redmi NOTE 8 PRO is equipped with a game liquid cooling system, which can cool the battery and the chip at the same time, which greatly enhances the game experience.

The QQ speed experience is the smoothest, and the picture does not appear at all. When the basic settings are adjusted to the highest, various animation effects can be well displayed.

In terms of power consumption, a 25-minute king’s glory experience, power consumption is about 9%, and a peace elite of about 20 minutes in a game consumes about 11% of electricity. Since the red meter is equipped with a Note 8 Pro 4500mAh battery and 18W fast charge, the game consumes less power.

Take a photo

After meeting the needs of young people to play games, Redmi also met the needs of young people who love to take pictures. In terms of hardware, in addition to the 64 million main camera, the Redmi Note 8 Pro is equipped with an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens, a 2 megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel depth of field lens. In terms of functions, DCG technology is supported, and ISO sensitivity can be intelligently adjusted according to ambient light intensity. In order to solve the face distortion problem often encountered when taking pictures with super wide-angle lens, RedmiNote 8 Pro also has AI distortion correction technology to automatically correct face distortion.

Redmi has done a lot of photography on the camera function to meet the curiosity and imagination of young people, such as Super Night Scene, AI Scene Camera 5.0, Intelligent Super Wide Angle Mode, Super Wide Angle Edge Distortion Correction, AI Beauty, AI Super Resolution. Rate photo, one-click change, etc…

Redmi Note 8 Pro camera performance is reflected in the hard power of the camera sensor. As the flagship sensor of Xiaomi and Samsung, the GW1 equipped with Redmi Note 8 Pro has a high resolution of 64 million pixels, and the resolution and sensor of the photo is taken. The area is 34% higher than the 48 million products, and its 1/1.7-inch light-sensing area is also one of the largest photosensitive elements on the market, and the resolution is as high as 9248×6936, which is a big step for Xiaomi on the road of high-definition video.

In the actual measurement, the advantage of the large area of ​​the light sensor can be clearly felt. The color reproduction of the large landscape is very good, the details are clearly visible, the dark light or the luminous environment can be well controlled, and the light in the night or the sunset. They are all very well presented in the photos.

The measured feeling is that the camera function of this mobile phone is no longer more critical for most users. It can be used for daily photo tasks, especially for shooting night scenes or large outdoor photos, which will be excellent in most markets. The mid-end model.

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