Xiaomi Air 2S experience excellent true wireless Bluetooth headset

Xiaomi Air 2S experience excellent true wireless Bluetooth headset

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Apple ’s true wireless Bluetooth headset AirPods has completely brought this field to life. Due to its extremely high portability and unrestricted wearing, true wireless headsets, coupled with the continuous improvement of Bluetooth audio technology and the development history of the past two years It is undoubtedly the future development trend of the headset industry.

Various mobile phone manufacturers have also produced their own products, but most of them are optimized for their own mobile phones. Is there a true wireless Bluetooth headset that is compatible with most mobile phones? Among them, the three aspects of connection, delay and function are very important indexes.

Today I will bring you the experience of Xiaomi Air 2S. I used Air 2 some time ago, and its various function data are remarkable. But after using Air 2s, I feel that the experience of using the machine has really improved a lot. The budget under $ 70.99 is a very good choice.

Packaging, appearance

The packaging of Xiaomi Air 2S is relatively simple. In addition to the main body, there are manuals and charging data cables.

The size of the box is about the same as a car key. The weight is moderate. Carrying is not a problem. The pure white appearance also has a prompt light. The right side of the fuselage has a quick pairing button.

Can be used alone

The small Air 2S earphone adopts this semi-in-ear design. It is still comfortable to wear. After wearing it, it does not feel uncomfortable like hanging two pieces of chalk, nor does it feel bloated in the ear. Unilateral earphones weigh only 4.5g and are small and light.

Then there is no looseness in running and shaking, so there is no problem with running and wearing. If you feel loose, you can adjust the angle, generally you can find a comfortable way to wear.

Headset body

The function of the magnetic design on the lid is very simple-you can easily open and close the lid, and you can close the lid with a flick. At the same time, it can keep the lid and battery box connected and stable, and can also prevent The lid is easily opened causing the headset to fall out.

The internal magnetic design can prevent the earphone from falling down, and it also makes the operation of putting the earphone back easier. When the earphone and the box come into contact with a certain distance, the earphone can be directly sucked in. At the same time, if the position is wrong, there will be a reaction force to remind you to prevent the earphone and battery box from being damaged by mistake.

Top noise reduction mic for call noise reduction

The overall design is very mellow, and there is a little “sturdy”, I thought this design will make the ears have a certain pressure (gravity, squeeze), but in the actual experience, I found that this design is very human The manual engineering, while maintaining the wearing comfort, also controls the weight very well.

User experience: connectivity, latency

Xiaomi Air 2S also has animations when connected, so you do n’t have to envy Apple users anymore, and Xiaomi Air 2S has richer connection animation features, including a charging box and a headset’s power display.

Of course, Xiaomi Air 2S also supports Xiaoai classmates. If friends who are not Xiaomi mobile phone users can also use the APP, it is still very convenient.

In addition, there are touch units on the left and right earphones of Xiaomi Air 2S. We can set it according to the needs, and double-click to call out “Little Love Classmate”, “Play / Pause” and “Previous Song”.

You can also identify whether you are wearing it. When you take off the headset, it automatically stops playing music, which is very convenient.

This time, Xiaomi Air 2S has no small upgrades in hardware. It adopts the dual host mode of left and right ears, that is, the signal source transmits signals to the left and right headphones at the same time, which can effectively reduce delay and enhance anti-interference. Coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology, it works perfectly with the unique MIUI system to make the headset connection faster and more stable.

At present, wireless Bluetooth headsets are generally divided into two transmission schemes: one is that one of the left and right headsets is connected to the mobile phone and then paired with the other headset. The disadvantage of this transmission method is that the signal interference will cause a stuck , Disconnection and other issues. The other is that the left and right headphones are connected to the mobile phone at the same time, but half of the transmission power is wasted, resulting in increased power consumption.

In order to solve the problem of headset jamming and disconnection caused by Bluetooth and signal interference, Xiaomi Air 2S adopts dual-channel synchronous transmission technology, which can realize that the two headphones can obtain the left and right channel signals directly from the mobile phone, and communicate directly with the mobile phone. Interference is also avoided between the two headphones, the power consumption for synchronous transmission is reduced by 50%, and the delay is reduced by 30%.

Many friends like to have a line headset when playing games, because there is no delay, and I still found a small bug during the experience. First of all, the delay is not bad. Apple ’s AirPods should be around 190ms, while Xiaomi Air 2S is 180ms. Although it is not the lowest, it is still no problem when playing games.

The only disadvantage is that when you wear the headset during the game, there will be no sound for about 1 second. It is similar to “false disconnection”. I hope to solve it later through firmware upgrade.

Simple sound quality experience (purely subjective)

Wireless headphones also need to talk about sound quality, because it is a semi-in-ear structure, which feels worse than the in-ear style. The three-band headset is relatively balanced, with slightly more mid- to high-frequency, and low-frequency volume sense standard, but some low-frequency parts are hard. Although it is not a big problem, the combination of these small problems determines that the overall level of this headset is difficult to reach the highest echelon, but the price is only 70.99 US dollars! Um … so fragrant. With a score of 10 out of 10, Xiaomi Air 2S can definitely get more than 7 points.

By the way, Xiaomi Air 2S supports wireless charging and its battery life is not bad. With both the charging case and earphones fully charged, one day is not a problem.


In the past few days of experience, my biggest feeling is that this headset has truly realized wearing without feeling. Because it is too light and comfortable to wear, I often forget about its existence and will wear it for a long time.

When it comes to Xiaomi, you have to say the price. The price of 70.99 US dollars can really make most people feel that if this headset is not attached to the brand of Xiaomi, I believe everyone will definitely not buy it. The price-performance ratio of Xiaomi allows more people to spend less money to experience the fun of technology, which is a real discount for consumers.

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