Redmi Airdots headphones bring true fragrance experience

Redmi Airdots headphones bring true fragrance experience

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In 2019, Redmi officially became independent from the Xiaomi mobile phone series and became the Xiaomi sub-brand. In this year, the sales of the Redmi brand were gratifying, precisely because of the pioneering work brought by former Jinli President Lu Weibing officially joined Xiaomi. What Xiaomi does, Redmi does. Just like the Redmi Airdots true wireless Bluetooth headset released with Redmi Note 7 Pro in March last year, it has attracted countless consumers with its unique sound quality at a price of $ 23.79.

Redmi Airdots is no different from the previous Xiaomi Airdots Youth Edition, only the MI logo is replaced by Redmi. The size of the charging box is 62 * 40 * 27.2mm. The volume is relatively light, suitable for carrying around.

The earphone body still uses a more rounded design style, and the soft rubber earplugs will not cause discomfort, ensuring sufficient wearing comfort. Whether it is walking, jumping, or catching the bus. Redmi Airdots will still not fall off.

In terms of operation, Redmi Airdots is relatively easy to get started. By tapping and pressing, it can realize the operations of answering / hanging up the phone / playing music / awakening Xiaoai classmates and other voice assistants. Under Bluetooth 5.0 blessing, Redmi Airdots does not have a delay problem. Wear with confidence.

In terms of consumer wear, the overall performance is remarkable. The sound quality is relatively OK, usually listening to songs to watch a play, Redmi Airdots sound quality can fully stimulate your ears.

In terms of battery life, the two 40mAh headsets are equipped with a 300mAh charging box for storage, so you do n’t have to worry about the remaining power. The charging interface is still the Micro-USB interface that we like to see.

Regardless of factors such as portability, sound quality, and practicality, the performance of Redmi Airdots makes me a little fascinated. Although the data in all aspects is not as good as all true wireless Bluetooth headsets, Redmi’s main price-performance ratio is $ 23.79 after all. , What more bicycle?

As Redmi’s first non-mobile phone product, Redmi Airdots used its own actions to prove that ultra-high cost-effective true wireless Bluetooth headsets have changed owners. With the release of Redmi TVs and notebooks, I believe that Redmi will, like Xiaomi, develop its own AIot strategic values.

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