Xiaomi Youpin Bebird Smart Visual Ear Stick M9 Pro Review

Xiaomi Youpin Bebird Smart Visual Ear Stick M9 Pro Review

Smart Device & Safety

Still worrying about picking your ears? Xiaomi has a new artifact, the bebird intelligent visual ear pick M9 Pro really needs to understand, because this world is really beyond your imagination.

It is said that this intelligent and visible ear picking rod has a built-in 3 million pixel high-precision endoscope, which can easily dive into the small ear canal. Six LED lights are known as turning on the ear picking God mode, and the earwax and earwax are at a glance.

In addition, this ear spoon is made of PC + silicone, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your ears anymore. It is equipped with an intelligent directional gyroscope with L around, 100Hz Micro Motion output frequency, 0.05 degree measurement accuracy, 360-degree inclination recognition, and supports intelligent compensation algorithms, which will not dig wrongly and hurt your ears.

In addition, this ear pick can still be charged. Built-in 350mAh battery, support 1.5 hours fast charge, can be used for about two months on a single charge. The magnetic charging base can be charged by inserting the ear picking rod on the base, which is very convenient to use. After reading it, I want to give myself this intelligent ear picking rod, and think about it to be smart enough to dig out my ears.

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