Wii Motionplus


Nintendo Wii Motionplus is the early launch of a TV game , and its greatest feature is a unique way to play – sensor control! This makes playing the game is no longer just sat there facing the huge screen, but to link together gamers and game, the players bring to the game completely to do so the benefits can not be made the metaphor.

WII but only the host is not enough, a lot of accessories are essential, like FIT board, Resident Evil light gun, Mario steering wheel, fishing rods, tennis rackets so we are familiar with the. Many consumers in the purchase until after the host does not purchase any related accessories, although these parts are not essential goods, but it brings the perfect gaming experience is unmatched by the original controller, and recommended the purchase. Rice described the next game is an integral part of sports equipment: Wii motion plus accelerator, why do not lack, please read on!

Wii Motion Plus accelerator is also called to strengthen the sensor, the English name Motion Plus, a lot of MP to play the game must load the accelerator. First, under the WII about accelerator works, it installed in the WII the bottom of the remote control, which is equivalent to three-axis sensor to enhance the six-axis, in order to enhance the accuracy of Wii motion detection, you can capture finer Wii Remote device moves in 3D space, including the players arm movements and orientation, making the movement more accurate positioning, the game more realistic, WII one of the necessary equipment players.

Somatosensory movement better known game “resort” is one of the MP games, when the accelerator is not installed, the system will prompt as shown in Figure One. This “resort” game includes many types of sports games, can be combined with the most perfect game accelerator, which allows users to combine 100% and game characters, precise and accurate positioning allows the user to carry out any action, in particular 2 were competitive, more exciting.

I installed them speed up the trial of the table tennis game, what chop, chop, spin the ball can break out, the action 100% synchronization, perfect extreme. WII accelerator present original 130 yuan, 70 yuan assembly, I recommend the purchase of the original natural product, and we care about the original.

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