How to Choose Tablet PCs?


Tablet PC is undoubtedly present the most popular digital products, and since Apple iPad great success, the major IT brands to enter the flat panel market, unprecedented enthusiasm. Currently, the market many brands on the Tablet PC, the application is brilliant. Consumers in the purchase of tablet PCs, in addition to brand and price, but also should focus on Tablet PC’s hardware configuration and application content.


2010, iPad Tablet PCs is no doubt the sales charts, selling quickly lit their customers enthusiasm for Tablet PC. In China, mobile phones, digital and traditional PC manufacturers have been involved in flat panel computer business, Motorola, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Toshiba, Asus, Fujitsu and other companies have launched their own “Pad”, the mainstream products, prices generally 3,500 yuan. With the Tablet PC market, increasing the number of products that consumers buy products more rational, both practical and high value-added products, tablet PCs are increasingly more consumers of all ages.

Tablet PC as a non-keyboard input of the product, its way to consumers in touch during the consideration. There are two types currently on the market touch screen: resistive and capacitive touch panel screen. To use more low-end Tablet PC screen resistance, needed to operate the fingertip, the price is relatively low. Better performance capacitive touch screen, enabling consumers to enjoy a smoother touch experience. Design using multi-touch tablet, in the application of a more controlled way of expansion, to achieve more.


Operating system, the Tablet PC market, competition is mainly concentrated in the iOS operating system, Window 7 operating system and the Android operating system. Tablet PC with Window 7 is not a lot, but compared to Google Android operating system, Apple has some iOS closed operating system, Apple’s brand is only for personal use, so the market are equipped with Android Tablet PC mainstream.

In addition to the operating system, memory size and battery life has also become consumers consider when buying Tablet PC an important factor. As a large screen of mobile devices, tablet PCs as the mainstream of entertainment attractions, you can see e-books, videos, music, Internet, play games, etc., not only on the Tablet PC runs a higher standard but also on the tablet PC battery life put forward higher requirements. iPad2 claims 10 hours of battery life, up to 1 month standby, while other brands have more than 5 hours or more, weak battery life, Tablet PC, consumers can not be considered.


Android Tablet PC is different from the traditional computer, are equipped with almost every computer on the same system, the same office software, Tablet PC is more emphasis on personal and professional software. Thus, for ordinary consumers to select their favorite a tablet PC, in addition to have a fine appearance, but also more attention to the rich applications. It can be said, a good Tablet PC, a variety of Internet applications can be seamlessly integrated hardware and allows users to enjoy the best Internet experience anytime, anywhere.

Currently, most applications for iPad, has reached 65,000, the choice of content is already quite rich.

Android application store has a good opening, although the domestic enterprises in the Tablet PC applications and content, do not perfect, but with the rapid rise of mobile Internet, the content and services will be continuously enriched and improved. Tablet PC future of the domestic market will be brilliant, when consumers purchase store reference to their application development.

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