Smart Ring GalaRing


Most people want the word to remain the same
Most people fear for change
Most people have lost their curiosity
Most people don’t have leadership skills
But you don’t belong to the majority
GalaRing belongs only to the extraordinary

High-strength medical titanium steel, gilding in the vacuum furnace, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, no allergies, never fade.

Dual-core high-strength en-cryption chip, nano-metal anti-interference coating, ultra-sensitive antennas, the perfect realization of partition storage and exchange of information.

Luxurious NAPPA first layer of calfskin, delicate and silky texture, waterproof cold-resistant, natural wax sense on the surface, perfect interpretation of British fashion.

Waterproof, IP68, 5m anti-drop, grade-six dustproof.

GalaRing’s design added various elements of fashion and technology: the appearance, texture, protection capability, processing power and memory. It is different from all the product before, and it is a strong challenge to the established status quo. Now, let’s get to know the charm of GalaRing.

You needn’t to print piles of business cards, nor sort lots of cards received any longer. Also, you don’t have to be embarrassed when forgot to bring business cards. GalaRing brings a more intimate and brand-new exchange method-touch. Without installing any software on the phone, your friend can sense your “touch” and receive business cards and other information you transmit.

How many times do you repeat the same action every day–holding your beloved mobile phone and skillfully entering various passwords to unlock? Today, we embed the identification chip in the ring. So your ring is the perfect password. By simply moving your finger, you can lock & unlock programs. Everything is so natural and perfect.

The matched APP V1.0 has been published. You can download it from Google Play. It is under ongoing evolution and will continue to provide more functions, such as screen lock, password wizard, privacy images and videos, smart scenarios, and multimedia content exchange.

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