Rii Mini Keyboard


The company launched by the SiTouch 2.4GHz wireless Rii Mini Keyboard measures just 151.1mm × 59mm × 13.8mm, weighs just 100g. Than the Logitech diNovo mini keyboard (152mm × 90mm × 27.5mm) smaller. We can hand control, the same as using the remote control it. Compared with the diNovo mini, Rii Mini has the same keyboard, mouse, and backlight and touch panel design will be bigger, the operation feel more comfortable.

According to statistics, in addition to the touch pad to control the cursor outside, but also used as a handwriting input plate to some extent make up for Rii Mini button is too small for comfortable typing less poor. Full QWERTY key layout in the last, Mini Wireless Keyboard offers a similar combination of laptop keyboard Fn function, with the F1 ~ F8 function key combinations, you can achieve volume control and shortcut functions such as media players, the media is very powerful. In addition, Rii Mini has built-in lithium battery, up to 700 hours standby time, with this performance has been very good. Of course, the idle, the best to turn off the power switch on the keyboard.

For those who love watching films and watching films at night lights of high-definition players, the dark environment will maneuver. At this point, we can open the top left corner Rii Mini backlit keys, backlit keyboard provides 69 keys will light up white, the characters are clearly visible, easy to operate. However, the information provided from Rii Mini, we do not know whether it can support the backlight brightness adjustment, if supported, of course, more humane.

In addition to strong media capabilities, we can not ignore its other features, such as the laser pointer. This keyboard products, we first met. Presentation features with the laser, we manipulated by Rii Mini PPT documents, control the video playback would be a relatively easy thing, especially in the face of a number of advertising companies, such innovative products should be welcomed. So, you will like this product?

Although this Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad is long a little looks like the handle, but serves under somebody’s banner a computer game main engine connection with some manufacturer also not to have, therefore does not have the means to take it to treat as the body feeling operating equipment to use. Actually this model of this model of keyboard is in itself not a model of genuine radio equipment rep, but it brought a wireless transceiver, might connect through the wireless transceiver with the computer, the wireless on-line distance probably was in 30 meters, in constructs the battery to fill under the electricity approximately to be possible to use for one month, the user may be direct through the USB line and computer connection charge. The specification aspect, this model of miniature keyboard altogether has 69 back light pressed keys, in the dim environment still may look that obtains the pressed key. Its size dimension is 6 x 2.3 x 0.5 inch, the weight is 103 grams. Because volume deflation this model of keyboard has integrated the FN combination key function, most place above may see F1-F8 in the keyboard, the matching combination key may realize the multimedia players to enter quickly, to back up, functions and so on broadcast/suspension. Can act as mouse’s trackball function right flank keyboard’s touching board.

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