White Lingerie-an Other Way of Sexy


There is also something a little sexy about a white bra. In fact white lingerie in general is the secret favorite of most men and lingerie lovers at large. It’s practical, feminine and sexy at the same time.

White lingerie is the picture of innocence. It’s frequently used in bridal lingerie. It can give you an ethereal glow if you choose the right style, or make you look like the naughty girl-next-door type your significant other dreams about.

Weddings-when you’re the bride. It’s hot. It’s sexy. It’s going to emblazon itself on your groom’s mind for the rest of eternity. And what better to go under a white gown than a matching set of a white bustier, panties and thigh highs?

When you want to show off your tan. There’s nothing like contrast to show off a tan. White is the best color you can choose. It will make you looks more sexy. If you want to boggle his mind with your likeness to a Brazilian goddess, white lingerie is your best bet. High cut legs on a teddy or panties will make your gams look long, lean and incredibly alluring. Don’t forget the shimmer cream on your collarbone near where the straps hit. It’ll make that area seem all the more inviting.

Even for a night, you may want to consider white lingerie inspired pieces, like the corsets meant to be worn for the world to see.

Your first bra ever was probably white. It’s the go-to color for simple lingerie. Easy to care for, not usually too frilly or seductive. White lingerie in this case is a no-brainer. It goes well under just about anything. Sheer white is a better choice, simply because they don’t look obvious under any color. If you’re not feeling frivolous or extravagant, white lingerie does make a good choice.

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